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  • David Bonnett

    It is great to see teams out there willing to be flexible with riders, especially when compared with the piece about Jack Bobridge and his comment about not seeing his wife or daughter in person for 4 months (granted, his situation was far from normal this year). I wish Chloe the best of luck balancing racing at the top level, being a student and getting married.

  • P. Ledesma

    Best wishes and many more victories to Chloe! She is a fantastic rider and such a nice person. Had a chance to briefly chat with her in the feed area of the 2015 Philly Classic race.

  • velocite

    What a interesting story about an intelligent person addressing the work-life balance issue. Quite inspiring. I hope she continues to shine with her new team.

  • thomasrdotorg

    The underlying issue here is the low payments to female “pros”. Chloe is one of the top sprinters, but even at just 25, already has one eye on life post riding career. While I don’t presume to speak for her, if she was making serious money, she might happily defer uni until after she’s peaked as a cyclist.


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