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  • winkybiker

    Incredible story. Incredible performance. Bravo.

    I just loved the drone footage in the videos. And the title photo on this article is just magical. (Stories like this really put complaints of sketchy wifi and stinky room-mates in 2-star Euro hotels into perspective.)

    • Susielrodriguez3

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  • Jon Thornton

    Massive congratulations to Sarah. Amazing effort of Eric proportions.

    The video footage was superb. Feature length documentary next year?

    • We have a doco in the works from this year. :)

  • Marcus J

    Magnificent concept, place, ride, story. Congratulations to all involved, especially to Sarah!

  • AMK3072

    Incredible effort. Congratulations.

  • Mel C

    Great story! Well done to Sarah for the ride and to CyclingTips for telling the yarn.


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