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  • pervertt

    Hitting the ground not the best metaphor for Richie’s 2017 season.

  • Maeve

    Great season ahead for Richie in 2017 ….Good signing in Roche who will ensure Porte is best placed on stages and not stranded by the road losing time

  • Crompensation

    Can he win the tour

    • Dave

      Can he win the 2017 Tour? No.

      My prediction is that 2017 will be the year where everything goes right for BMC and Porte in terms of physical conditioning, preparation and performance, but that BMC’s strategy will still be dominated by negative tactics where other teams will be racing to win. Third place at the absolute best.

      Can he win the 2018 Tour? Possibly, it all depends on whether the team is able to realise their weaknesses from 2016-17.

      • Crompensation

        I think Dennis is BMCs best bet for a GT victory.

  • Patrick Murphy

    I think Portes performance at the tour was a surprise, but for some serious bad luck he might well have gone on to win it, he looked in incredible form. I really hope he recovers well and comes out fighting next year. I always like his honest assessment of things, says it how it is without worrying too much about the sponsors might think.

  • DCdudez

    Tejay needs to work for Ritchie Porte. BMC is shooting itself in the foot with the co-leader team structure.

    • Dave

      To be fair to BMC, they had to hedge their bets in this year’s Tour with Porte having still been yet to show he could link up three good weeks.

      Now he’s proven he can race for three weeks, it will be a much easier choice to make in 2017. Hopefully the team will make some bolder decisions about which preparation races to send him to, as his race awareness and tactical game will need a massive improvement to try and match what the other big GT riders did this year.

      • DCdudez

        Agreed with all, matching other GT contestants next year will be tough for RP looking back at this year’s La Vuelta. Would’ve been a great challenge for him. However, BMC is a pretty strong team and they have the firepower to stay with the SKY and Movistar in the mountains. There are ton of young riders coming from different teams which makes me very excited for the sport in the next decade.

        • Dave

          All the greatest domestiques in the world can’t help once they’ve swung off halfway up a big HC climb.

          The reason the GC riders are paid the big bikkies is that eventually they have to do the job themselves, including making the split-second decision on whether to follow a move or keep tempo. Porte has a lot of work to do in this area, being five years behind Froome and four behind Quintana in his experience as a GC rider.

          • Nick Clark

            As a leader yes, but on the other hand Richie has been a key figure in 3 teams that have won the TDF, and that experience has to count for something. Quintana has never been involved with a TDF win…

    • Not necessarily. The purpose of team BMC is to market the bikes, and Tejay’s presence as a co-leader generates column inches in the US where the bicycle market is at least ten times the size of Australia’s. Whether or not it’s the deciding factor, we’d be kidding ourselves if we thought publicity wasn’t an influence.

    • Van Garderen had a good season until he hit the GTs. We’ll see if he can get out of this “slump” – Ochowicz’s word – next season.

  • Dave

    Good call from BMC.

    There’s probably not much reason for Porte to even think about the world championships with it being a flat road race course and more of a Durbo/Dennis time trial, and nothing much left in the season for BMC that would be worth targeting with him.

  • H.E. Pennypacker

    If I were him I’d try to avoid hitting the ground at all. Running won’t help.

    • Dave

      It would be in his comfort zone if you added in a swim as well.


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