Riders and name announced for Marianne Vos’ 2017 team

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The name and roster for the new team of Marianne Vos have been announced today. The team will operate under the name Fortitude Pro Cycling and offers a new way of sport sponsorship.

Team manager Eric van den Boom explains: “Small businesses, mom-and-pop shops, larger companies with a sizable workforce, multinationals; really, all businesses that believe in our message and are interested in professional cycling are welcome to become part of the Fortitude Pro Cycling enterprise. They will be represented by the Fortitude Business Peloton and are closely aligned with the racing team. We’re keen on collaborating with businesses and offer unique opportunities that, at least in the women’s peloton, are rather exceptional. The goal is create value for everyone involved.”

Five teammates of Marianne Vos will stay on in the new team: Yara Kastelijn, Jeanne Koreveaar, Dutch road champion Anouska Koster, Polish road and time trial champion Kasia Niewiadoma and Moniek Tenniglo.

Lauren Kitchen (Team Hitec) returns to Vos’ team, having been part of the first Rabo team in 2012. Vos will also see her good friend Valentina Scandolara (Cylance Pro Cycling) join the team.

The rest of the team is made up of Riejanne Markus (Liv-Plantur), Israeli rider Rotem Gafinovitz and Anna Plichta (BTC City Ljubljana).


About the team, Van den Boom explains: “The team selection was based primarily on ambition. In evaluating every contracted rider, we asked ourselves, ‘Is there 200% passion and an unshakable desire to win, to go through hell for each other?’ We are convinced that all of our racers score highly on the fortitude-meter.”

“With this team, we’re aiming to ride an admirable international program. The goal is to be in the running for prizes at the very highest level.”

As the prime ambassador for women’s cycling movement Strongher, it’s also Vos’ aim to inspire the entire women’s cycling community. Several initiatives are planned throughout the season. “Our racers are role models for cycling enthusiasts around the world; not just for women, but also for men,” Van den Boom says. “In our fan zone, which is also attractive for partners, we’re trying to support them and encourage them with tips and tricks.”

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