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  • Torontoflatlander

    Just a 300 Euro fine? At those speeds that’s just about as close to attempted murder as you can get. What a despicable person!

    • James_Casper

      You do realise that the race commissionaire lacks the judicial powers to formally charge this person?

      Pretty sure it will be more than just a 300 Euro fine. Plenty still to be played out.

      Also interested in hearing how you have determined this person was actually deliberately trying to kill others??

      I do agree with your last sentence.

      • Torontoflatlander

        Edited my sentence for clarity. You could push for some sort of assault charge, but if you place a metal barrier in front of someone traveling at 50-60km/h, you can’t just say that he only wanted to hurt people. He knowingly made an attempt on peoples careers or lives. My 2 cents, but that’s all they are. I’m sure the local authorities will have their crack at it.

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  • rquick

    Causing GBH and thenfined for 300 euro’s? That’s insane. At least he needs to pay all the medical costs for the crashed riders plus whatever they lose because they will probably be out of competition for quite some time plus 3 more zero’s added to the amount of the fine.

    • Dave

      That will be up to the police and courts to determine, not the race commissaire.

  • Chris OHearn

    I assume that’s just the fine from the race organisation – he could be facing a lot worse from police or civil prosecution.

    And I don’t imagine his son will have been too impressed either. Imagine the stick he’s going to get when he next lines up for a race.

    • James_Casper

      Yes you’re 100% right.

      Hasn’t stopped others thinking that the entire incident has been reviewed, an investigation completed, and all charges handed down – all in the matter of a few hours.

  • David_C_Brayton

    Wow. That was particularly dastardly. He will do time for that.

    • Shane Stokes

      Dastardly…what a great word, haven’t heard that in a while. You are completely correct, of course.

  • Robert Merkel

    That’s horrible.

    While it’s difficult to see how a ban could be enforced at amateur level, in an ideal world he would be barred from going anywhere near a race for a very long time, in addition to whatever criminal penalties he faces.

    • Nick Clark

      Plenty of people get banned from attending amateur footy and the like, it can be done

  • jules

    father of the year right there

  • Daniel

    Wowee, when I played junior cricket one kid got given out and his dad was umpiring at the non-officiating end, he then proceeded to walk over, kick all the stumps out of the pitch and walk off the ground in disgust. Well looks like we just found a new contender…

    • jules

      and we wonder why athletes turn to doping

      • Lite Roadie

        Possibly the most irrelevant reply to a comment I’ve ever seen on the internet, only losing to ”LOL XD”.

  • Tim David

    Surely there’s a rational explanation for what this man did? Perhaps he was trying to protect the scene of the earlier crash? You can see that there’s a bunch of people milling around the finish line area trying to help the people that were already hurt. And marshals can be seen trying to wave down the bunch. Maybe he just reacted and didn’t think it through.

    Or… Just condemn him before having all the facts – your call……

    • Will

      Or you could read the article, and see the reason he did it, and then condemn him?

      Even if he were trying to protect some riders (which he’s clearly not) it’s an incredibly stupid and dangerous thing to do.

      • Tim David

        So you know the reason he did it do you? The article doesn’t state why.

        If you look at 6s into the footage, there’s something going on about 50m from the line. I’d really like to understand a bit more (research is always a good idea when you write a story) and then form my opinion.

        • barn

          the article states he did this terribly dangerous act because he was angry the race wasn’t cancelled already due to another crash in which his son was involved…why even comment on these forums if you are going to skim through the article and spout nonsense afterwards?

          • Tim David

            The article only states that somebody speculated on the reason in social media. Read it carefully yourself.

            I think normally CyclingTips has high journalistic standards. I have a feeling that more research needs doing on this story – it doesn’t seem to add up. I agree it was a stupid thing for the man to do, but I have a feeling that there’s more to it than we have been led to believe.

            • Craig Smith

              Tim, you said that he may have been doing it to protect people some 50m from the finish line? If there was a safety issue the marshals (of which there were many), would have done something for example they would have been urging the cyclists to slow down long before the finish. Or they would have created a human diversion by blocking part of the road.

              How is blocking the road with fallen barriers and diverting the riders into a crowded parking area protecting people?

              You said that you see a marshal waving for the cyclists to slow down at around the 6 second mark…… yes he is but he is doing that in reaction to the fact that there are barriers which have been dragged across the road, rather than to protect something at the finish. The marshal in question is on the wrong side of the road to protect anyone from the incident that you mention, he is on the right of shot as you look at it, but the incident you say is happening is at the left of shot.

              The only reason for someone to do what he did was with a view to maliciously injure someone. If you actually watched the footage you would see that he waited until the cyclists were a few seconds out before pulling the barriers. Why would you do that? The only sensible reason is that he wanted to give the cyclists no chance to react to the hazard and cause a crash.

              • Tim David

                Let’s just wait and see – if the story is correct, we should see a criminal charge come up. In the meantime check out these screen grabs and see if they make sense in the context of the story.

  • Andy B

    No words.

  • csuino

    They should chain him to a bike and make him pedal for our electricity for the rest of his life

  • Horse

    Read the headline, thought Bouhanni Snr. Genuinely shocked.

  • Horse

    Read the headline, thought Bouhanni Snr. Genuinely shocked.

  • Coogs

    Disgraceful. So brazen.

  • barn

    wow, this man needs to be thrown in jail, what a pathetic cowardly and dangerous act….

  • Lite Roadie

    He should be put on a bike, forced to descend, and have his steerer tube and brake cables snap by a radio controlled mechanism, then he would get a taste of it before he makes people crash again.


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