2017 Specialized Ruby
  • winkybiker

    Sorry, just strikes me as some more poor/gimmicky engineering from S. Suspending the handlebars with a springy steerer tube is a long way from proper front suspension. And I simply can’t imagine wanting my handlebars to move relative to my forks and frame when pulling/pushing on them. Bringing the seat-stays is lower to allow seatube/seatpost flex has already been done, and more elegantly, by BMC.

    • Inezcsanchez2

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    • And your data to back up your assertion?

      • winkybiker

        Yep, I’ll accept that BMC doesn’t have the same length of cantilevered seatpost that the Roubaix has, but in each case, the “disconnection” of the trussed support of the seatpost results in the seat-post/seat-tube system flexing more than bikes where the top-tube and seat-stays join at the same place higher up. But it’s not all about how much seatpost there is to flex. In the case of the BMC the top-tube actually pushes back on the seat-tube, while the seatstays push forward, assisting the flex. The top-tube would perhaps be less effective in this regard in the Roubaix, pushing back on the piece of seat-tube that doesn’t actually touch the seatpost. Not to say the rear end of the Roubaix isn’t plush.

        Both systems are tuned for flex and bump absorption, and those can be worthwhile outcomes. I just find the Specialized approach to be overly complex and somewhat gimmicky (same with the Trek). I question the relevance (to me) of testing these bikes on Paris Roubaix cobbles. I never ride on roads that rough (well, hardly ever). I’d rather my handlebars be properly connected to my forks, rather than be tuned for aggressive cornering on rough cobbles, while trying to hold Boonen’s rear wheel, because I’m never likely to have to do that.

  • Romain Mousset

    Despite it’s narrow profile, Specialized found that the CL 32 wheels are in fact more aerodynamic than wheels with almost twice the depth like the CLX 40 rim brake wheels.

    SO 40 mm is almost twice the depth of 32 mm ?

  • G7777777

    As someone who has a Ruby and rides on European cobblestone, this comes as a much welcomed relief! I’m so envious of these new features. I was actually considering getting the Diverge as a secondary bike, but maybe a new Ruby is in my future.

  • Sarah

    This seems like a myriad of contradictions. Lightweight but not stiff? How does one expect to get an aggressive fit here without the ability to slam the stem? What’s the point? Also how insanely ugly! There’s so much marketing hype here that it’s almost too difficult to cut through.

    I think RedShift’s Shock Stop looks way better than this, and it didn’t have give when pulling on the bars: http://www.slocyclist.com/redshifts-launches-shockstop-shock-absorbing-stem-on-kickstarter/

    • Mischadore

      You might be missing the purpose of this bike, which is comfort on rough rides and roads – the ones less travelled and often for pleasure or endurance racing. I doubt that the kind of people who would buy this bike are looking to aggressively slam their stem on their stiff bike.

      • Sarah

        I see your point, and really I was over exaggerating with the slammed stem, but it just seems to me that this bike reaches a super small market for riders who are only looking for comfort and an upright ride. The components here then just seem a little stupid. I mean, really, Di2?

        Also. It’s ugly. So, there’s that. Lol I don’t see why this is causing a stir at all.

        • Mischadore

          Oh dear. Have you ever heard of Paris Roubaix? Or looked at a bike packing tour through the mountains with all that gravel and fog and wilderness? This bike is for that, this is what is meant by endurance and pleasure. This bike is the women’s equivalent of what the men get for the toughest races on earth and a machine for adventure and I am stoked that they’ve given us that option.

          • Sarah

            Hahaha, ok, I’d like to see Evie Stevens ride THIS bike in any race. No pro rider would be caught dead on this thing. Not even on the cobbles.

            My point was, at the price point with these components coupled with its looks, WHO WILL BUY THIS?

            It’s a gimmick. Get a gravel grinder and chill.


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