“Simply excellent. Great cinematography and a moving story of a cycling legend.” – Martin Shakeshaft

“Highly recommended! Loved it! Such an inspiration…” – Felix Espana

“To anybody who at least carries a spark of passion for cycling inside: This is a MUST-WATCH-MOVIE. Great stuff. Makes you wanna jump on your bike and ride.” – Sebastian Schaeffer

“This is a superb film. Undoubtedly the greatest cyclocross rider of all time. I’ve seen lots of sports documentaries and this is up there. Fantastic.” – Karl Elmore


CyclingTips is proud to present, for the first time to an English audience, the premiere of the cyclocross documentary Sven: The Final Year.

Sven Nys is a rider who needs no introduction; he is, quite simply, the Eddy Merckx of cyclocross. With two world championship titles, seven World Cup series titles, and over 140 competitive victories, Nys is widely considered one of the greatest cyclocross racers of all time.

The 2015-16 cyclocross season, his last before retirement, is documented with an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look into his training, his racing, his demons, and his relationship with his son, Thibau.

Sven: The Final Year, a film by Jan Vandermotte, is the remarkable story of a living cycling legend at the edge of his prime.