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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
August 15, 2017


“Simply excellent. Great cinematography and a moving story of a cycling legend.” – Martin Shakeshaft

“Highly recommended! Loved it! Such an inspiration…” – Felix Espana

“To anybody who at least carries a spark of passion for cycling inside: This is a MUST-WATCH-MOVIE. Great stuff. Makes you wanna jump on your bike and ride.” – Sebastian Schaeffer

“This is a superb film. Undoubtedly the greatest cyclocross rider of all time. I’ve seen lots of sports documentaries and this is up there. Fantastic.” – Karl Elmore


CyclingTips is proud to present, for the first time to an English audience, the premiere of the cyclocross documentary Sven: The Final Year.

Sven Nys is a rider who needs no introduction; he is, quite simply, the Eddy Merckx of cyclocross. With two world championship titles, seven World Cup series titles, and over 140 competitive victories, Nys is widely considered one of the greatest cyclocross racers of all time.

The 2015-16 cyclocross season, his last before retirement, is documented with an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look into his training, his racing, his demons, and his relationship with his son, Thibau.

Sven: The Final Year, a film by Jan Vandermotte, is the remarkable story of a living cycling legend at the edge of his prime.

  • Willbert

    What does a ‘limited time’ for the online screening mean? One hour? Two? A day?

    • We’ll be keeping it up until the end of the weekend (Sept 25), but it’s undecided. If there’s demand, we’ll keep it up. If not, we’ll take it down. It’s always hard to tell with these things.

      • Willbert

        Oh good! Our wedding anniversary is on the 20th and I doubt that trying to convince my wife we should watch a movie about “some Belgian dude” would be in my best interests…

        Thanks for the response.

        • You’re a smarter man than I! Enjoy your anniversary, and the film

        • Dave

          On the plus side, you’d be able to buy as many bikes as you want.

        • Inezcsanchez2

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        • bigdo


      • TBayguy

        I’m on a trip until the 23rd so having it up for the weekend would be sweet!

      • Jamie Morton

        And 8:30 PT is pretty late here on the east coast! It will be nice to get to watch it over the weekend.

      • P. Ledesma

        Thank you! I hope you keep it up for a couple of days. Watching it tonight would not be doable — it would start at 11:30PM EST and I work tomorrow.

      • Is there any place we can actually *buy* a digital download (rather than a short-term VOD rental) for those of us who enjoy watching films like this more than once?

      • Brian

        Adding another interested party to purchase a download version or at least one that stays in a purchased Vimeo library. Thanks for translating this and making it available.

      • Brian

        Thanks for keeping the rental available this far out. Our cycling team is going to be viewing it December 9th. I’m very interested in purchasing it as we’ll be doing a double header with ‘For the Love of Mud’ at the same time. Thanks again, Wade.

  • Justin

    Awesome! Thank you for doing this. So for us on the east coast we could watch it “on demand” the following night?

    • yes, indeed! We’ll have it up for a few days.

      • Mik

        I second the “awesome” I will be enjoying it from the Midwest of the US of A !!

    • Emilylehlers4

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  • Daniel Hennessy

    Thanks Wade for highlighting and recognizing Sven. One of my cycling heroes

  • Lance O’Grady

    I’d like to know people’s thoughts on whether he’s done it all on bread and water………..

    • Do you really want to start this tired old debate that goes in the same circles every time?

      • Lance O’Grady

        Hi Wade,
        I just asked a simple question as I’m interested in the views of others on this subject. Rather than deflect what is the reality of professional sport (not just cycling) your response implies you’re reluctant to engage on the subject. This is the historical and frustrating response from media who have a vested interest in protecting the sport. It makes sense on one hand but lacks integrity on the other. Your site shares a story about a lessor known amateur (Michael Gallagher) last week who’s stood on the top step of the EPOdium we learn. Sven has performed at the highest level during a career spanning over 20 years. I ask that question and you respond in the same manner Lance Armstrong did when Paul Kimmage asked the hard hitting questions of him at the Tour of California (Amgen sponsored I might add). My view, and that of many others is that it’s incumbent on you to at least acknowledge the opinion and thoughts of those that support and partake in the sport. If we simply consider it to be a “tired old debate” and not confront these issues then cycling with never change.

        • tap

          I feel sorry for you dealing with people like this Wade!

          • Lance O’Grady

            No need to feel sorry for Wade he’s a believer…..

            • Stu, I think our coverage of doping speaks for itself and your examples of Armstrong to Gallagher are completely different than trying to discuss Nys’ guilt out of thin air speculation. Always happy to engage in this topic when it’s warranted, but there are a thousand cyclists we could go down this road with and get nowhere.

              • Chris Lee

                I think we all know I prefer to post under my own name as I stand behind my commentary/abuse. So in short, think harder Homer. This isn’t me.

        • cthenn

          so how would you propose he goes about this? “Here is a movie promoting Sven Nys, produced by a bunch of people that I have nothing to do with, but WAS HE DOPING?” I mean, for every article or movie on every rider, should they end with “WAS HE DOPING THO????” Or, “live report from Eurobike, here is a new helmet worn by Quintana, BUT IS HE DOPING?!?!?” I mean come on, I am sickened that Captain Obvious Froomestrong is the top rider in the pro peloton, but there is a time and place for articles on doping. There are plenty of sources out there to feed your appetite for doping coverage, but you just can’t insert it in every.single.article.

      • Ted Danza

        I was going to donate to see this but your response sucks balls. Why not ask every cyclist if it’s bread and water or are we TUEing around because you ride on their coat tails. Trek much?

        Sorry but your response is bull.

        • Tamagawa

          Ted, I’m not sure you’re making much sense here, buddy. Wade, your response was absolutely reasonable.

    • straighteightfilms

      Why even speculate? Any view on this subject would be inaccurate and purely opinion unsubstantiated. What’s the value in that? It also dilutes the broader conversation by not presenting the thoughts and opinions in fact. We, collectively, can’t just throw out conjecture and expect it to build integrity. This is a race to the bottom with no positive gain to be had. Best, Matthew Clark

    • CLS

      Sven was a consistent winner for many years, as opposed to Lance who changed/morphed from not being able to last a 3 week tour to suddenly winning them – quite different. Sven’s performances did fall away in his final 2 years – When I mean “fall away” he wasn’t winning as much as he previously was – old age and the breakup of his marriage would have been factors. As for your “bread and water” thoughts, who the hell knows. What I can say opinions are not the same as facts.

  • ronnie edmiston

    — tammy and ronnie will be watching from kennesa ga..
    thank you with a smile,

  • Robbie Broughton

    Can you watch it from UK?

  • Guido

    Please keep it up for those in the UK!

  • Paul Edwards

    We are running a weekend training camp for 12-16 year olds in October (21 of them). This would make an inspiring evening movie. Can we ‘rent’ it for the young athletes?

  • Owen Lewis

    I’m assuming the link for a contribution to the brilliant people who made the film will be up this evening for the live streaming? Looking forward to it!

    • Yes – just click ‘watch now’ on the top right corner when watching the trailer (at the top of the page) and it will give a few payment options. Thanks!

  • David Simons

    Dr Leinders making a guest appearance, or are they making sure he stays well out of the way?

  • Superpilot

    The photography on this film looks epic!

  • David Dezz Stringer

    Does a rental allow the movie to be watched multiple times?

    • AndyVB

      You should be able to watch it multiple times for a 24hr period.

  • Martin Giles


    I cant seem to watch the documentry when I hit play on the trailer all it says is ‘coming soon’ in the top right hand corner.

  • david

    Would it not be available in Sweden for some reason? I only get the “coming soon” link on the top right.

  • Jose

    So you’re inviting us to pay $4.99 to rent?

  • Laurens

    Brilliant movie. Excellent insight into the world of cyclocross. Must-watch for Belgian Nys connaisseurs and overseas “novices” alike.
    The primo photography, beautifully captured emotions and allround quality alone are enough to warrant the feeble donation fee.

  • pistono

    @cyclingtips:disqus when i hit play on the trailer, it only gives me the option in the upper right hand corner to rent for $4.99. if i click on the rent, there is not an option to do anything but pay the $4.99. am i missing something for begin able to watch it gratis? or is the $4.99 the donation to the film makers? thanks.

    • david__g

      You can’t watch it for free. It clearly says you have to pay to watch it – and that money goes to the filmmakers…

  • david__g

    My 18 month old daughter better go to bed promptly and with no fuss tonight. I have plans!

  • david__g

    So watched it, and it was great. Definitely got a bit moist-eyed towards the end when his niece (based on the translation – nicht= niece – although I was confused by the age thing) and his sister were getting emotional at his last race in Baal.

    Also going to be exciting watching how Thibeau’s career progresses. Seems like a nice kid and looks like he’s got some of those Nys genes…

    • Sara Fletcher

      nicht means cousin or niece :)

      • david__g

        That makes a lot more sense. Thanks Sara!

  • sket

    Brilliant doco, thanks very much CT!

  • Great movie! Thank you for providing this opportunity.

  • RC1234

    Wow! Thanks a lot for uploading this! Incredible! Truly inspiring!

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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
August 15, 2017