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  • pedr09

    A few deep breaths being taken at camp Wiggo I expect…

    • Dave

      That would depend on whether he has a current TUE for salbutamol.

      • Andy Galloway

        Well played …

      • stevetotton

        Superb, give yourself a medal – and another hit off your inhaler.

        • Or use Froome’s if you are on empty …

  • jules

    Sorry Wiggo but your credibility has taken a fair hit here

    • dyalander

      They tried to get a comment from Lizzie Armitstead but she wasn’t where she said she’d be.

      • Callum Dwyer

        Sweet burn.

      • david__g

        ooof. (good one)

  • stevetotton

    ‘I’ve never had an injection’ – what does that mean in plain english?

    ‘I’ve never had an injection’…

    • Dave

      I want to know if he did or did not have sex with Monica…

  • Eden Walker
  • PaulG

    Wow, go Wiggle and Team Sky. The covering ass/bullshit brigade are in full flight. Suspect TUEs and tramadol, maybe a wee top up of EPO after your cornflakes? A twist in logic here, a dollop of national pride there, sail her as close to the wind as you dare – sure we’re the squeaky clean good guys, go team go :-)) And we have David Walsh’s seal of approval, team clean all the way baby. I bear no ill will to Mr. Walsh but I believe Sky appealed to his ego and self-righteous views. What was he ever really going to see accompanying a team in a completely controlled set-up – embedded style me arse #playthemediafansandsponsorsallthewaytothebank ;-)


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