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  • Karl

    Came across Tramadol a few years ago when it was administered to my wife as pain relief for her gallstones. She’d already put in the admission form that she was on an SSRI anti-depressant but for some reason the system didn’t flag it as an interaction and she suffered mild serotonin syndrome. Lucky she has a bit of medical background and worked out what was going on :-/

    • david__g

      I’m on an SSRI and have been prescribed Tramadol post surgery but thankfully never experienced serotonin syndrome (and I was always open about what drugs I was on). I wonder if they should have avoided prescribing it to me.

      I also am not surprised at all (as I have said elsewhere on this site) that it may cause crashes. I had trouble working out how to use the microwave when I was taking them.

  • J Evans

    Just ban it yourselves. If there are legal issues – and the UCI possibly couldn’t uphold a ban at CAS (about as helpful as WADA in the fight against drugs) – then all the UCI have to do is say ‘We are banning tramadol in cycling. If you take it and you’re caught we will make that public and ask you to take a voluntary ban’. Teams won’t stomach that – because sponsors won’t.

    They could do the same with corticosteroids.
    But do they really want to ban these drugs and rock that particular boat, or do they want to appear like they’re trying to do something, but being thwarted by WADA?

  • PaulG

    Tramadol – great stuff for seeing pink elephants and drug addiction after a broken bone. Won’t be repeating that again in a hurry!!!

    @shanestokes Are substances banned because they are performance enhancing or because of medical risks associated with taking them (so are prohibited lists about attempting to protect athletes from themselves so their short-term gains don’t result in long-term damage to health)? Thought it was the serious risks associated with the likes of EPO that resulted in them being banned or am I way off the mark?


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