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  • pedr09

    If it can be abused, as it clearly can, you have to remove it.

    • Don Cafferty

      I agree. The flaw is evident in point #1 – “athletes with genuine medical conditions”. The issue is that athletes without genuine medical conditions are able to get a TUE. The TUE process requires an honest athlete, an honest doctor and an honest medical assessment. It is the honesty of the process that is questioned.

  • Sounds like a lot of CYA.

    • Dave

      I agree, it would have been good to have something a bit firmer.

      A better announcement from WADA would have been announcing that they will audit all TUEs that the UCI has issued and take over the processing of TUE applications for cycling until that audit is completed and any necessary changes to the UCI’s process implemented.

      • Exactly. Their statement basically said we like the process like it is right now. We’ll audit the process occasionally so we can say we like the process more regularly. Ridiculous and meaningless statement.


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