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July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
  • Rusty Gramm

    I really hope Wiggo becomes the “god-father” of cycling once he stops racing…it would be nice to have a prominent and popular figure who keeps calling out the peloton, and who is a voice slightly louder than the normal cycling talking heads.

    • Dave B

      good call. he is different and can be polarizing and that’s why he is interesting

    • Samaway

      Still feel that way? ;)

      • Rusty Gramm

        I am not a huge fan of the Cycling Tips reporting on doping here lately. they really haven’t brought forward any real evidence or proof, and the recent article with Paul Kimmage leaves me rather disappointed. its mostly hearsay and Kimmage complaining about the lack of access. I wouldn’t let him near my team either. He wants to spin everything in a dark light. I wonder if Cycling Tips would be this eager to go after Cadel Evans, or Richie Porte, or Caleb Ewan? I suspect those top Aussie riders would get a long leash if there was ever any doubts.
        As an American, this Sky debacle looks eerily similar to the stuff we dealt with with Armstrong several years ago.
        that being said, i’m going to trust Wiggo until its proven he cheated. as for Brailsford and Company: i’ve never trusted him and I hope this makes him get out of cycling.
        Wiggo could still be the figure in cycling I hoped he would be, but not until the Sky mess goes away. and he needs to publicly distance himself from the team.

  • P3N54

    While it’s great that he speaks up it would also be interesting to get a few more details/transparency around his “transformative” episodes.

    • Rodrigo Diaz

      I don’t know what would satisfy doubters (i.e. nothing, probably). But the way he looked at the time he was leaving Garmin was skeletal. Like Rasmussen’s big brother. There’s a photo where you can see a deep cleft between his tibia and fibula. I doubt he missed that when he returned to the track.

      • jules

        I saw him at the Sun Tour criterium in Melbourne in 2009 I think, at the end of his season after he got 4th in the Tour de France I think that year. You’ve never seen anyone so skinny. He could have been an extra in a ww2 concentration camp movie. There’s little doubt that’s how he got his power-to-weight up. If there’s a question, it’s about how he got that skinny. But there’s visible evidence of where his transformation came from. There’s no doubt that would have taken huge commitment and discipline, drugs or not. I assume not.

  • winkybiker

    It’s interesting that a few professional cyclists (who would know this stuff far better than I) are incredulous. Wiggo, Cav and Cooke are all basically saying – “No-one can be that stupid/careless”. If they’re correct, there’s only one other explanation that I can think of.

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July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017