• Rusty Gramm

    I really hope Wiggo becomes the “god-father” of cycling once he stops racing…it would be nice to have a prominent and popular figure who keeps calling out the peloton, and who is a voice slightly louder than the normal cycling talking heads.

    • Dave B

      good call. he is different and can be polarizing and that’s why he is interesting

  • P3N54

    While it’s great that he speaks up it would also be interesting to get a few more details/transparency around his “transformative” episodes.

    • Rodrigo Diaz

      I don’t know what would satisfy doubters (i.e. nothing, probably). But the way he looked at the time he was leaving Garmin was skeletal. Like Rasmussen’s big brother. There’s a photo where you can see a deep cleft between his tibia and fibula. I doubt he missed that when he returned to the track.

      • jules

        I saw him at the Sun Tour criterium in Melbourne in 2009 I think, at the end of his season after he got 4th in the Tour de France I think that year. You’ve never seen anyone so skinny. He could have been an extra in a ww2 concentration camp movie. There’s little doubt that’s how he got his power-to-weight up. If there’s a question, it’s about how he got that skinny. But there’s visible evidence of where his transformation came from. There’s no doubt that would have taken huge commitment and discipline, drugs or not. I assume not.

  • winkybiker

    It’s interesting that a few professional cyclists (who would know this stuff far better than I) are incredulous. Wiggo, Cav and Cooke are all basically saying – “No-one can be that stupid/careless”. If they’re correct, there’s only one other explanation that I can think of.

    • Inezcsanchez2

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