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August 18, 2017
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Your Tuesday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

September 27, 2016


In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: Brailsford breaks silence about Wiggins’ TUEs; Froome says he did not know about Wiggins’ TUEs; Dumoulin reacts to Wiggins TUE controversy; Commentary: Jingle Cross was Christmas in September for US cyclocross fans; Serbian rider Dejan Maric dies in road race; Feline extends, Cardoso signs with Trek-Segafrdo; Nibali back from collarbone injury, but to miss Il Lombardia; Cylance adds Willeke Knol and Malgorzata Jasinska for 2017; Boonen, Van Avermaet, D’Hoore lead Belgians at Road Worlds; Dutch announce road worlds team; Bouhanni, Demare for French in Road Worlds; Social media calls new British cycle safety campaign ‘victim blaming’; Zwift sponsors Africa Kit Appeal; Video: Catching up with the woman who went 235km/hr (147 mph) on a bicycle; Katie Compton post-Iowa interview.

Brailsford breaks silence about Wiggins’ TUEs

by CyclingTips

Bradley Wiggins went on the Andrew Marr show Sunday to explain his use of the corticosteroid Triamcinolone acetonide during his career with Team Sky. But this has expanded with many looking to Team Sky head Dave Brailsford, with his proclaimed zero tolerance approach and to win the Tour de France cleanly and ethically. Following Wiggins’ appearance, Brailsford spoke out to defend his team and their use of Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs).

“If the medical team and UCI say it’s appropriate, I have to trust the integrity of that,” said Brailsford. “For me, if they say it’s appropriate, I take confidence in the chain of people involved in that process

“Did I think at the time with the information I had, did I make a legitimate decision, do the right thing? I did. I don’t think I’d go back and change it. When you see the letter from a specialist saying ‘this is what is recommended’. It’s so clear and concise. And the authorities ‘agree, yes this should be done’. I am not sure I am going to intervene. I have always said ‘guys, you do not break the rules here whatever happens. I’m on record for saying ‘there is a line. You can go up to that line. But you do not go over it. You do not cheat in this team in any way, shape or form.’”

Brailsford continued what Wiggins himself said, that the request for the medication and subsequent TUE came from Wiggins out of a request to treat asthma and allergies. However, critics have pointed out that he had managed his condition without injections prior, and that Team Sky seem to be pushing against anti-doping rules to the point of ethically grey areas.

“We have won many, many races, big races without TUEs. So this whole notion of needing a TUE to perform, or some systematic abuse of the system, is unfounded. And if you want to do something as challenging as what we’re trying to do, with the past this sport has, there are going to be challenges along the way. Times like now are when you have to keep fighting. To make sure our riders are more transparent and our processes are more robust. Because it’s more important than ever.”

Click through to read more at Cycling Tips.

Today’s feature image comes from the stage 3 of the Eneco Tour.

  • I hope there’ll be a dropped off in Melbourne for the Africa Kit appeal. Those kids are befitting of Melburn style

    • Mark Zalewski

      First year for the programme; but it’s such a great idea I am sure it will expand!

    • Superpilot

      Pretty sure they need more $50 socks lol

  • velocite

    We certainly do need to be careful of left turning trucks, but apart from being in astonishingly poor taste I think the ad sends a terrible message to drivers: there’s no need to look out for cyclists, just turn anyway – it’s their responsibility not to let you squash them. On the other hand, a video asking left turning truck drivers to look for cyclists would serve the dual purpose of reminding cyclists of the danger.

    • jules

      I have mixed feelings on this issue. firstly, the ad does appear in pretty poor taste and sends a clear message that trucks are turning and that’s just the way it is. in Australia at least, cyclists must yield to LH turning vehicles when approaching from behind. 2 things:
      1. lots of cyclists don’t get that, so a campaign to raise their awareness is warranted, but
      2. that doesn’t describe all of the circumstances in which motor vehicles turn left across the path of cyclists.

      the 2nd part is the problematic bit. assuming the law is the same in Britain, drivers of motor vehicles are required to yield to cyclists who were already in the path of their vehicle, before or as the motor vehicle approached. the ad suggests “don’t worry about that, they’ll jump out of your way”. bad.

      • Chris

        That’s pretty much a mentality of some drivers out there: “If I get my nose in front of you before the corner, you have to give way to me.”

      • velocite

        I haven’t seen the actual road rule, but this is from the ‘Victoria Law Foundation’ rules for bike riders:
        “You must not overtake a vehicle..on the left if it is turning left and indicating left”
        There would be a grey area there, where the bike is already beside the vehicle and beyond its rear indicators and the driver simultaneously indicates and commences to turn.

        A few years ago I was passed and then cut off by a left turning vehicle, landed on my arse. Incredibly, the driver demanded to know if I’d been passing him!

        • jules

          I’d argue it’s clear. in Vic road rules:

          overtake, for a driver, means the action of—
          (a) approaching from behind another driver travelling in the same marked lane or line of traffic; and
          (b) moving into an adjacent marked lane or part of the road on which there is room for a line of traffic (whether or not the lane or part of the road is for drivers travelling in the same direction); and
          (c) passing the other driver while travelling in the adjacent marked lane or line of traffic;

          if you’re already alongside the vehicle, you’re not overtaking it. the motorists must yield to you (cyclist) then.

  • Sean

    I’m pretty sure the feature photo isn’t the Mur de Huy, looks more like the Muur van Geraardsbergen in east flanders.

    Edit – image has been updated :-)

  • Damien Cook

    Throw a rock at a painting or a painting at a rock, the result is the same. Ride (and drive)
    with care

  • Karl

    > “
    > …
    > That thing stinks.”

    > Click through to read more at De Limburger.

    Ha ha.


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August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
August 15, 2017
August 14, 2017