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Your Wednesday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

September 28, 2016

In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: Colbrelli wins Tre Valli Varesine; Turning point: Taylor Phinney on purpose, changing teams, and the unbearable heaviness of invisible weight; Lachlan Morton to ride with Dimension Data in 2017; Froome responds to Team Sky TUE controversy; Boardman supports calls to make TUEs public; Callum Skinner posts private medial records in response to TUE leak; Paul Kimmage’s criticism of David Walsh over Team Sky; David Walsh responds to Kimmage’s criticism; Race moto driver hospitalised after colliding with car in Tre Valli Varesine; Is it safe to ride in the best bicycle city in U.S.; Undercover police sting targets drivers passing too close to cyclists; Belgian Cycling Federation releases new team kit for Road Worlds; How tired is Peter Sagan after a long season?

Colbrelli wins Tre Valli Varesine

by Mark Zalewski

Sonny Colbrelli (Bardiani-CSF) won the Tre Valli Varesine race in Italy, out of a reduced-field sprint ahead of Diego Ulissi (Lampre-Merida) and Francesco Gavazzi (Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec). It is the seventh win for Colbrelli who also won the Coppa Algostoni two weeks ago and looks to be in top-form for the upcoming UCI Road World Championships in Doha.

After the main break of the day was brought back, the action continued to heat up with attacks made futile by the heated pace of the peloton.

Around seven kilometres to go Lampre-Merida put a handful of riders on the front, upping the pace for Ulissi, who attempted an attack soon after.

Gianluca Brambilla (Italy), Rigoberto Uran (Cannondale-Drapac) and Ulissi continued to be the most active in the final few kilometres, but none were able to get away despite their repeated solo attacks, knowing they did not have the top sprint of the group.

However, their attacks created a small finale group of about a baker’s dozen for the finish and Sonny Colbrelli jumped off the front in the final metres for the win.


1. it
Bardiani - CSF
2. it
Lampre - Merida
3. it
GAVAZZI Francesco
Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec

An unlucky Stijn Steels (Topsport Vlaanderen – Baloise) walking up the Muur van Geraardsbergen on the final stage of the Eneco Tour.

  • Andy B

    Great new stuff on Morton, looking forward to next year

    Sagan didn’t win the eneco tour..

  • MattHurst

    I like the police sting as a proactive measure, it would be nice to have something positive to add the debate here.

    • Andy Logan

      Perhaps once experience 1st hand how close people get, it will make the police realise that they need to do more.

    • Bex

      yeah i was impressed with that video. It’s good that they’re giving them the option of education over a fine, promotes the idea of working together. You can tell by a few responses though it’s hard to get people to give the space.

    • Comment posted elsewhere , which is relevant to your request :

      ” In reply to comment by @AoifeMartin at 0227 on 27th Sept 2016 & others interested , the following link http://www.stickybottle.com/latest-news/huge-cycling-protest-to-target-minister-shane-rosss-dublin-office/ demonstrates that ” SKC ” actions in London during recent years , could quite easily be repeated on the 3rd October 2016 ? How hard would it be , for those that have Eire Connections , to encourage their OWN Social Media Connections in the Dublin Area , to follow the INITIATIVES , that have been so successful in London ? What a pity that ” SKC ” has no funds to send donnachadh to speak at this event ? Not only Eire Media , BUT , UK Media , would become involved in promoting the cause of ” SAFER INFRA ” for People on BIKES !

      Bearing in mind that the Latest DEATH , was a Woman KILLED by a ” LEFT HOOK by a truck ” , and she was the 9th Person on a BIKE killed in Eire during 2016 , there are similarities to London in 2013 , when London lost 9 People on BIKES , to the abismal attitude of then existing Political climate , where it was “Oh well “!

      Just consider that UK in 2016 , already has 91 Cyclist Deaths in 2016 ( 27th Sept 2016 / http://beyondthekerb.org.uk/casebook/cycling-fatalities-2016/ ) , then it is alarming that UK also , is marginally worse than this time in 2015 ( 90 ) !

      Whilst there are many other Police Officers usung Twitter , i follow https://twitter.com/CIPhilVickers as a ” resource “! Already Tweeted him , asking that the initiative of West Midlands Police , be highlighted by reporting the DAILT Stats of the operation by ” Plain Clothed /Lycra wearing Police Officers ” ! As only ONE Policing area , those ” Stats “, could be an encouragement to Other Policing Forces , TO ACT , as well as WARNING to errant Vehicule Drivers , to respect the ” Highway Code ” , if for no other reason that they are JEAPARDISING their Driving Permit/Licence !

      As a ” Minoroty of ONE ” , i rely on others to assist , BUT , there are too many ” keyboard Warriors ” on the Cycle Safety websites , to expect that any ideas that i offer , will be taken to fruition ?

      It was pleasing to see that ” ASA ” was contacted in relation to that ” Safety Ad ” , BUT , 2 weeks to sort it , by that agency , smells of INACTION ! ”

      WITH the UCI Congress in Qatar only days away , is it not about time to remind the Delegates from National Cycling Federations , that THEIR RACERS use the Roads for Training ? How many MORE RACERS must DIE , whilst tthey ignore the plight of People on BIKES ?

      With the Olympics & Paralympics over , it is TIME , that the Athletes spoke out about the attitude TOO Many Vehicle drivers display , as they pass People on BIKES , who are riding on roads , BUILT for ALL Traffic , not just the SELFISH !

      How hard would it be to remind the World , that UCI appluads ” West Midlands Police ” for doing THEIR JOB ? http://road.cc/content/news/204164-west-midlands-police-use-cycling-officer-target-close-passing-motorists?sort_bef_combine=created%20ASC&sort_order=ASC&sort_by=created&page=1

      I want to have at least one ride a week in traffic , without some a##hole dictating their ” views on entitlement ” !

      DO YOU ? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f16d6cb348da28956a5616b310f00c1f1481fe2e4f6fc1657ad225400974cf45.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eb4f4ecf64fbe969727addf35fd72ece9345d5006f9c63650211d9b50ef34d12.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/70c707bb2eef32f57e0fa2b1cb300089736fb930f6192f6065dd73c6e5d279f2.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/27586f84e2aa250a600e1f7e139e8d11ad32daa0a3ee414559525194c352c702.jpg

  • bacon

    Who gave Boardman an exemption to wear those socks?

    • Mark Zalewski

      Sock doping authorities had not caught up to micro-socks yet.

    • Sascha

      Same could be said about the styles half the riders on the road wear today…

      • Sascha, I’m with you! Riders who just got into cycling in the past 3-5 years have to get over this long sock / long sleeve (short sleeve) jersey bs. That Boardman sock is FINE (the image is from like 1992?!)….plus if you can ride as fast as Boardman, then you can take offense to his socks. ha!

  • jules

    I shouldn’t laugh but it’s inevitable that such dogged, principled investigative journalists like Kimmage and Walsh would come across something that put their friendship second to their journalistic ethics and values. In a sense, you’ve got to admire them for that.

    • velocite

      In the absence of smoking guns, some of us adopt the Walsh/Sky position and others the Kimmage position: their argument is our argument! I’m looking forward to the next instalment.


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