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  • Dave

    Given the way that GT Academy has been a roaring success for Nissan (GT Academy graduate drivers have achieved podium positions in 24 hour races at Le Mans, Dubai and Bathurst and Jann Mardenborough is potentially on track to enter F1) it seems like a good move for a cycling team to at least try something similar.

    The worst that can happen is that the ‘winning’ rider doesn’t turn out that well, but the various other stakeholders still reap the benefits of lots of free media like this story.

  • De Mac

    Great article and very good to see so many women enjoying this platform – some of my local clubbies are on it, as well as many I’ve ridden with and raced against in real life. Fantastic platform and I’m sure whomever claims the win in this competition will turn out to be a very strong cyclist and more than worthy of a crack at the big time.

  • Ayers

    Do you have a recommendation on a floor mat? I rode Zwift all last winter (yes, awesome for winter training!), and yes, you really do sweat a lot.

  • I might have the wrong end of the stick/stating the obvious but am I right in understanding that Zwift is all about replicating an outside ride?
    For me I use the turbo for very specific structured interval work, say 5 minutes at threshold followed by 3 minutes at easy, repeated. Can you do this on Zwift, but with pretty scenery to look at?
    If not, I only see Zwift as being useful for long base mile rides when the weather is too inclement to do a real life ride outside…or do I not understand?

    • Dianebflemming4

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    • Alarik

      Zwift does have a workout mode for structured training — Zwift Academy includes a 27 workout training series. And yes, while you do it you have pretty scenery to look at :)


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