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August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017

Unforgettable moments from the 2016 WorldTour

Photography by Kristof Ramon, Cor Vos and Brakethrough Media

  • My favourites: Kristof Ramon’s shots of Rohan Dennis and Niki Terpstra at the Eneco Tour. Amazing photography.

    • Patrick Murphy

      The Terpstra one for sure, I like the LBL (Kramon) with the 8 riders and moto in the shot, always like seeing those side on views, the penultimate image on the list from Lombardia would look great on any wall.

      • winkybiker

        The LBL Kramon shot is a cracker.

  • hornk

    These are mostly just finish line and podium photos of the most important races of the year. Such photos are all alike from year to year and race to race, as such they are entirely forgettable.

    The only photos here I would classify as really memorable would be Froome running and the Armitstead-Sagan podium photo.

    • chronologic

      Agreed. Better photos than I could ever do but the title of this article should be “48 PHOTOS FROM THE UNFORGETTABLE 2016 WORLDTOUR”

    • David Simons

      Agreed, a poor selection really, just finish line and podium shots mostly. How many photos are taken each year of cycling races, it must be millions? There must be photos out there that when you look at them, they beg the question ‘Wow, what happened here I wonder, what’s the full story here?’

  • Awesome pix! Thanks so much for sharing. We’ve got a beautiful sport.

  • jonas lundberg

    Hmm, say World Tour but it’s just about the men’s races except the Flanders Podium? Shouldn’t the women’s races count too or why doesn’t it say men somewhere?

    • Hi Jonas, the WorldTour is the name of the men’s race series, the Women’s WorldTour is the name of the women’s. We’re just focusing on the men’s series here – luckily we’ve got an awesome sister site in Ella CyclingTips that focuses on all things women’s cycling. https://cyclingtips.com/womens-cycling/


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August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017