7 reasons you should ride the 2016 Giro della Donna

Words by Wade Wallace

If you rode the inaugural Giro della Donna with us last year you’ll be well aware of the reasons it’s worth coming back. But for those of you that missed it last year, see below for seven reasons you should join us in Warburton on Sunday November 27.

1. Closed and managed road conditions

The roads near Warburton — such as the Reefton Spur — are some of the most incredible in the world, but tourist traffic and racing rev-heads mean these roads are often a little dangerous to ride. We’ve fixed that by getting an exclusive road closure on these sections, and made sure that all the other amazing sections of the course are managed safely and professionally to ensure the safety of all.

2. A free year of RACV Bike Assist

Everyone that signs up to the 2016 Giro della Donna gets a year’s worth of free membership to RACV’s Bike Assist. That entitles you to eight call-outs per year – even if it’s just for a puncture! (Or if you go hunger flat or don’t want to battle that headwind from Sorrento to home, just call a cab and RACV will pick up the bill!)

3. Test yourself on a challenging course with timed sections

The Giro della Donna course isn’t just one of the most beautiful in the world, it’s also tough. But not so tough that everyone won’t be able to complete it. At 107km long and with 2,700m of elevation gain, it will be rewarding and achievable for all. Two KOMs – the Reefton Spur and from Cement Creek to the top of Mt. Donna Buang – will be timed and prizes awarded (and not just for the fastest time either!)

4. It’s only a short drive from Melbourne

There’s lots of accommodation in the Yarra Valley and near Warburton, but if you don’t want to make an entire weekend out of it, just come out for the day. It’s only an hour’s drive from Melbourne.

5. It’s family-friendly

Bring your kids so we can entertain them at the event village with activities that will make you parent of the year!

6. Try something new and do it together!

You ride the same roads day after day and see the same people – why not try something new? It’s not a race; it’s the coming together of likeminded cycling nuts to celebrate the sport we all love.

Lots of people have said “Why can’t I just save the money and ride this loop alone?” Well, for the same reason it’s better to go to a Grateful Dead concert than it is to listen to it on Spotify: So we can do it together!

7. Go in the draw to win a trip to L’Eroica!

L’Eroica is one of the most legendary cycling events on the planet; a ride featuring the iconic gravel roads of Tuscany, ridden on pre-1987 bikes, all in celebration of the history of our great sport. Everyone that enters the 2016 Giro della Donna goes in the draw to win a six-day Ride & Seek tour, which includes entry to L’Eroica and is valued at more than AU$2,600!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the film below, shot at last year’s event. We hope to see you out there on November 27!