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  • Will

    Half this article descended into news around recent doping allegations against Sir Bradley. Are the two parts of this story related in any way other than speculation or was this meant to be some journalistic ‘draw your own conclusions’ piece?

    • I think the expectation is they are indeed related. Wiggins camp saying he’s not participating and never planned to, and that it’s customary to be provisional on the list and then withdraw, being a major name participant. The tour said that’s not the case, they fully expected Wiggins to participate.

      The implication of the article is that Wiggins would have participated in the ‘final road race’ of his career if not for the controversy around him. I think it’s a fair implication too.

      • Dave

        Rather than expressing their annoyance over BW withdrawing, perhaps RCS should have issued a press release confirming that they had made the decision to deny him entry to the race due to concerns over his doping history.

        It would only be fair, given the shitstorm of innuendo that flies around the Anglo press any time an Italian cyclist puts in a remotely good performance.

        • pedr09

          Well said Dave, I would add that the race organisers should in fact be relieved and happy that Bradley Wiggins* won’t be racing in their event.


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