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UCI World Championships. Doha 2016. Sprint
  • flx

    Such a boring race. But i guess the female pros will still claim how their races are much more exciting than the men’s races.

    • Inge Hoonte

      uuuuhm….. go vent somewhere else. this finish was just like many many maaaaany other races, a long road to a sprint. happens in men’s as well as women’s racing.

      • Inge Hoonte

        oh nevermind, just clicked your name, and this tone seems to be how you respond to most posts. have a nice day, get out and keep riding that bike!

    • jules

      thanks for that

    • Eleri

      It was pretty gripping from my perspective. A couple of breakaways, one of which looked like sticking, a chase to bring the breakaway back, quite a few attacks and then a bunch sprint at the end.

    • Linda Elgart

      If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    • ebbe

      The women never got off the “local circuit” around the Pearl, so there wasn’t really much they could do other then go for fruitless attacks… Echelons (which were one of only two exciting events to happened in the entire mens race) were out of the question for the women. But still a number of women at least tried to attack. Except for Kirsten Wild of course, every single Dutch woman at least tried to force a break several times. Amber Neben at least got that solo break away, probably knowing it wouldn’t stick till the end.

      The men had only one real attack on the Pearl circuit, when Tom Leezer attacked at a few kms before the line. That attack, and Iljo Keisse sitting up to force the split into echelons in the dessert, were the only two significant events in the mens race. Now what does that say about the race, that a rider sitting up is one of the most significant events of a race?

      This weekend, both races were boring. In general, women’s races are still more exciting.

  • Dave

    I was impressed by the performance of Kate Bates in the colour commentary position for SBS alongside Matt Keenan. She sounded a lot more comfortable and confident than when she was last on air with SBS before spending a couple of years working with Fox and Seven.

    Her highlight was undoubtedly her brutally un-PC move to stick the knife into Olga Zabelinskaya and give it a good twist. That’s definitely something she couldn’t have learned at if she had stayed with SBS all that time.

    • MattHurst

      Absolutely +1

    • The Zabelinskaya roast + Keeno’s damning of the UCI for holding the Worlds in Doha at the top of the show were both refreshingly direct.

    • Simone Giuliani

      Nice to have a pairing on women’s cycling commentary that were well informed and relaxed enough to inject a bit of character. Was a bonus to see them back again for the men’s.

  • Sam Young

    I enjoyed the race, and was wondering how furious the Dutch squad would have been if they tired everyone out only to see Neben benefit from their work with the attack that broke the peloton’s back.

    But the tense changes in this article keep throwing me for six.

    • Simone Giuliani

      Fair point, noted and adjusted.

      • Sam Young

        keep up the good work!


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