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  • The Rabbit

    I’m a big advocate of the decisions Boyd have taken with respect to higher spoke counts, brass nipples and internal cam skewers. One thing that I find surprising is that despite the front and back wheels having completely different loadings and functions, generally the same rim profile is used for both.

    In my mind it makes sense to have a deeper rear rim [stiffer rim, improved spoke bracing angle and shorter spoke length) and shallower front [less prone to crosswind influence, no dishing and wide flanges mean the bracing effect makes a laterally stiff wheel without a deeper rim]. The front can also be made wider for improved traction when leaning into corners as frame clearance is generally better around the fork than between the chainstays. I have a custom carbon wheelset from Curve with a 38F (25mm wide) / 50R (23mm wide) combo and find it ideal.

    • velocite

      Despite the popularity of disk rears in some circles, it is my understanding that the aero qualities of the front wheel are much more significant than the rear due to the effect of the rider on the air flow.

      • The Rabbit

        Possibly; I still think a deep rear rim for road racing is good predominantly for the increased stiffness of the wheel, which is a factor of the rim stiffness itself plus the improved spoke bracing angle. Might try a disk front though based on your advice for the next Around The Bay!

        • velocite

          Well, good luck with that, especially over the West Gate!

  • slowK

    A few things not directly related to this wheelset:

    1. biggride.com.au is an (the only?) Australian distributor for Boyd wheels. But it’s cheaper to buy Boyd’s alloy Altamonts direct from Boyd in the USA with postage to Australia than buying from the distributor. Not sure if that’s the case with the more expensive carbon wheels with duties etc.

    2. Boyd’s Facebook page has a post about their 2017 alloy Altamont wheelsets: they will have a keronite textured braking surface. Looks interesting (maybe like the Ritchey Zeta’s reviewed here).

    3. another small independent wheelmaker, November Bicycles (their Rails have been reviewed favourably on Cyclingtips) has this interesting recent blog post: http://www.novemberbicycles.com/blog/2016/10/6/beyond-carbon.html

    Basically, they are stopping production of all carbon rims. Cost, and marginal gains, especially given how good the latest alloy rims are. It’s worth a read (as is the rest of Dave’s blog posts). Reminds me of the article here from 2012: https://cyclingtips.com/2012/08/where-is-the-value-in-a-carbon-wheelset/

  • Allez Rouleur

    They’re located just south of me in SC. My buddy rides a pair, I think the 60s, and he loves them, and has a lot of nice wheelsets. They look nice, sadly I can only afford their skewers these days, as I’m a new day…serious drain on the bike budget:(

    • Allez Rouleur

      Meant to read “new dad”…


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