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Your Monday Daily News Digest

by Matt de Neef

October 10, 2016

In today’s edition of the CT Daily News Digest: Etixx-QuickStep victorious in men’s Worlds team time trial; Boels-Dolmans wins women’s Worlds TTT; Fernando Gaviria steals a march to win Paris-Tours; Ben Dyball wins the Tour of Tasmania; Heat wreaks havoc in Doha TTT; Cookson on Wiggins TUEs – “No rules have been broken”; British doctor skips Road World Championships in Doha; Jorg Jaksche on doping and more; Video – Three Peaks Cyclocross.

Etixx-QuickStep victorious in men’s Worlds team time trial

by CyclingTips

BMC’s winning streak in the Road World Championships team time trial has come to an end with Etixx-QuickStep taking victory in Doha on Sunday.

The Belgian outfit completed the 40km course in a time of 42:32 (56.4km/h), taking back the world title after two successive victories to BMC. BMC was second on the day, 12 seconds behind the winners, while Orica-BikeExchange slotted into third, a further 25 second behind. The win gives Etixx-QuickStep three victories in this event — the first team to do so since the trade teams TTT was introduced to Worlds in 2012.

“We rode as a team and fought against ourselves, riding to the limit, and it wasn’t easy, as the heat made things complicated, Tony Martin said after the win. “It’s very special to win my last race with Etixx–Quick-Step. I’ve raced all the team time trials since the discipline returned at the Worlds, came every time on the podium and won twice, but this victory is different.

“I want to thank the team for today and for these five years, they were incredible.”

Etixx - Quick Step
BMC Racing Team
  • Callum Dwyer

    No bidon on Anouska Koster’s bike, so…

    • Dale Smith

      Maybe drank it all in the first 5 minutes And then ditched it.

      • Sean

        That needs to be investigated by the ICU

  • Wish I was on the bike…

    Great interview with jorg jascke (sp?)

    • Wayne Crowley

      one of the best interviews i have watched. if only everyone could be so open. cycling needs to get rid of the aso. opportunity for a kerry packer alternative option.

  • jules

    “a package was allegedly delivered to Team Sky in France between the Dauphine Libere and Tour de France in 2011”

    socks? fan letters? Earl Grey tea? Wiggle order? or EPO vials?

    • Laurens

      “Wiggins Order”?

    • Definitely a wiggle order. Those Haribo they hide in the box give me more of a boost than any PED – they should be on the banned list.

      • jules

        what’s Haribo?

        • Dave

          German gummy bears.

  • Laurens

    Biting gold medals is getting old fast IMHO. Maybe Olympic overexposure.
    Congrats on the win though obviously.

    • Sir Wiggo

      They should have a drink of (non-alcoholic) champagne from their cycling shoe. That’s the latest craze.

      • Dave

        A trend started by a keen cyclist himself.

    • Hamish Moffatt

      I don’t understand the biting thing. It just looks dumb.

      • In theory, it is to test that you CAN leave teeth marks. If it were not pure good, then you would not be able to.

  • jules

    Ben Dyball seems to have a knack for winning some big national climbing races, but you don’t hear about him much. wonder if he is ready to move up in the world?

    • Bex

      he used to race for Avanti so i’m assuming the move to mobius was a step sideways because he couldn’t take the step up. maybe he had other things going on, whatever was good to see another team other than Avanti take the honors last week. Was a little surprised no one could go with him, it seems he put a huge chunk of time into the others.

      • jules

        he’s done it before as I recall. I don’t know the story as to whether he’s attracted interest from bigger teams. I don’t follow NRS that closely but I’ve seen that he’s won big climbing NRS races/stages. some NRS riders have gone to the WT and don’t seem to be beating him on climbs.

  • Neuron1

    Did anyone notice the Camelback tubing projecting from each of the Etixx riders jerseys. If those were packed with ice they would provide a major cooling advantage in the extreme weather and as they melted cold water. Also, no aerodynamic disadvantage from a water bottle on the bike frame. Absolutely brilliant!

    • Dave

      Not a new idea.

      If I recall correctly, Dave Zabriskie used a hydration bladder in TTs over 10 years ago. The UCI banned him from using it because they thought it was actually just an aerodynamic aid that he wasn’t drinking from!

      • Neuron1

        Frank Schleck used one but it was on his chest, filled with air, and it was acting like a fairing. He wasn’t sanctioned but other teams cried foul since it provided a potential aero advantage. I reviewed pictures of all of the other teams from today and did not see them on anyone else. In light of the extreme temperature, I am guessing, they started out frozen or packed with ice and acted as a moving cooling unit. As I’m sure you know, many of the teams warm up with ice vests for TTs and there is literature showing that consuming a ice/fluid slurry will decrease core temperature and allow greater power/speed in hot to very hot conditions. Any slight decrease in temperature rise would result in the potential for increased power output.

        • jules

          why would anyone bother about Frank Schleck getting unfair advantages in a TT?

          • Neuron1

            Because cheating is cheating.

    • MadBlack

      Yeah but the drinking nozzles dangling in the wind must have cost them a few seconds…

  • Sir Wiggo

    That 44 seconds of audio from Paris-Tours is a scream.

    I think the commentator called every rider from Etixx team as the one doing the late attack. At least he finally got it right – once the race was over.


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