Exclusive VeloClub member offer: An evening with David Walsh at the Sports Writers Festival

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We’d like to invite our VeloClub Insiders to attend the Melbourne or Sydney session of the Sports Writers Festival, featuring special guest David Walsh.

David Walsh is known as the journalist who brought down Lance Armstrong after years of relentless pursuit.

“Lance Armstrong is the greatest fraud in the history of sport. David Walsh was the first person to tell the world just that. In this conversation with Francis Leach, Walsh will explore how he came to break the biggest sports story in history.

In his bestselling book “Seven Deadly Sins – my pursuit of Lance Armstrong”, Walsh tells the story of how he discovered then revealed Armstrong’s great lie and the toll he took for doing so. Attacked and then sued by Armstrong, reviled by his adoring fans, ostracised by the cycling authorities and abandoned by long standing colleagues in the media, Walsh paid a heavy price in pursuing the truth. Vindication would come, but at what price? And what does it say about sport and those of us who love it that we so readily believed the Armstrong myth?”

David Walsh is the chief sports writer for the British newspaper The Sunday Times and has earned many press and writing awards. His book “Seven Deadly Sins” was adapted for the big screen in the 2015 feature film “The Program”. In 2013 he wrote a book called ‘Inside Team Sky’.

Amongst all these accolades however, Walsh has been heavily criticised for his close relationship and defence of Team Sky after their sudden rise to the top of pro cycling. Some say his journalistic integrity has been compromised and his same rigour of questioning that he once had with Lance Armstrong is lacking.

Now Walsh has changed his view. With the Bradley Wiggins TUE and “secret package” controversy, Walsh has called out Team Sky and says that they owe us answers. He says, “the more we’ve learned, the worse it looks.” and this view has been firmed up over the past month of revelations.

This should be a fascinating and intimate discussion with David Walsh that will dive into topics relevant to now.

For those of you in Melbourne or Sydney, we have secured a number of free tickets for VeloClub Insiders to hear David Walsh’s session ‘Lance and Me’ (November 9 in Melbourne and November 10 in Sydney).

For more information on the Sports Writers Festival, head here. If you are interested in a place, simply send us an email and we’ll secure your free ticket.