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  • Ride4fun

    Bruyneel may be right that USADA or AAA do not have authority him.
    But UCI, WADA or somebody should keep this lying, cheating scum out of racing.

    • Wily_Quixote

      I think the greyhound racing industry is always on the lookout for performance coaching. I see an opening.

    • Rodrigo Diaz

      These grounds have used before i.e. “my suspension in French soil doesn’t mean I can’t race in Spain”. That’s one of the reasons WADA requires of its signatories the responsibility to uphold suspensions in a reciprocal form. In other words, if USA Cycling suspends you for doping and WADA recognizes it you can’t simply race in an event that abides by the World Antidoping code in Brazil.

      Of course CAS is the maximum authority here, but that would be a massive loophole and terrible precedent. Note that Bruyneel is not contesting the charges, but jurisdiction. It also would raise the issue – is a DS liable for a doping offense in another country (the team definitely raced in the USA)? If not, anyone not registered in France can dope in the Tour.

  • Cycling Fan

    I’m unsure why this article was so long? Bruyneel appeal this week and everything else is a rehash of what we already know – including Toms news rehashed as well – disappointing Neal – cut and paste journalism

    • Cycling Fan

      Where already know = already reported – the sum total of knowledge added is disproportionate to the length of article

    • Shane Stokes

      Disagree: it’s context, giving details which many will have either forgotten or not known at all. Without that, the timeline up until this point is missed.

      • Cycling Fan

        Really? I would say it’s a minor subset of pro cycling fans who aren’t aware of bruyneel ban – it would be better placed in the daily digest – multitude of sources available to link to for what happened if anyone wants more depth


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