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  • Andy B

    Next week we will find out the tour de france is filmed in a movie studio

    • Dave

      1969: that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

      1999: that’s one big bike race, but still only the second most impressive achievement by an Armstrong in this studio.

  • Luke Bartlett

    if this guy is indeed correct i think that will have completely broken any amount of trust I may have had in the sport, and sport in general. i mean seriously, fuck. does all sport need to be made amateur or something. we have afl teams so lousy with their injections program documentation they can’t even prove what they gave them, tennis players throwing matches for betting, cyclists using motors, whats next?

    • Deryck Walker

      Solution – remove prize money and sponsorship (yes I know there no way this would happen in reality). It’s always money that drives the win at any cost attitude.

    • Matt DeCanio

      I can tell you that USA Cycling allowed Lance and others to fail numerous tests for steroids. I had an in depth conversation with Dr Wade Exam in 2008 in Las Vegas. Travis Tygart current CEO of USADA was on legal team of HRO law firm representing the USOC. I told him and Terry Madden that Lance was doping. They allowed it. Only when too many people came forward did they have to strip him. I started that. USADA controls pro and NCAA sports. The only way to ensure they don’t play favorites is to dismantle USADA. IM ON IT.


  • Wish I was on the bike…

    The brief excerpt from the interview with the Texan doesn’t suggest he’s lost any of his brashness with journalists. Contrast with Jaksche.

  • Wily_Quixote

    Slightly off topic, but, what is the physiological or training benefit to motorpacing or the training benefit of a motorised pushbike anyway?

    • jules

      I’ve not done it, but motorpacing is supposed to replicate racing in a high speed bunch. You can’t dictate your own pace, as you need to stay on the wheel. This requires lots of rapid adjustments to power output. When you are training on your own, the tendency is to maintain steady power and let external forces (wind, gradient, bumps) influence your speed. The benefit is specificity.

      • Wily_Quixote

        Makes sense. Cheers.

  • Geoff

    If this is true, the UCI will want to keep the lid on this, as the fall-out could be even more damaging than the fallout from doping with drugs.

  • jules

    I doubt Ferrari used it for motor-doping his athletes (ha). Ferrari has dedicated his career to physiological doping. motors are a direct competitor to his business, and it is a business. I suppose you could wonder if he chose to branch out, but I doubt it. his explanation about motor-pacing is feasible I think. Ferrari is/was a pretty good rider himself (juiced to the eyeballs of course).

    but who knows.

    if the story is that Ferrari bought some motors, I’d hesitate to immediately join the dots to Armstrong.

    • H.E. Pennypacker

      Agreed. Ferrari is known to be obsessed with discovering and then breaking the limits of what the human body is capable. He’s someone fascinated with the idea of hacking the body, not the bike.

  • David Simons

    Pro cyclists en masse have for years been willing to put chemicals in their body in the quest for better athletic performance. If they are willing to take those steps, they sure as hell are willing to use hidden and undetectable (through lack of effort by governing authorities) motors. Can we believe that the first time anyone ever used an electric motor they were caught? Logically then, the cyclocross rider case surely indicates people were using them prior to her getting caught. And to finish, here’s a question: Does anyone have faith in pro cycling anymore?

    • Geoff

      Alternate solution: require all pro riders to install a 10W motor, which is checked for tampering by the race officials before the race. That removes the space on the bike for a stronger motor and levels the playing field. :-)

  • Jimmy

    Amazed you give so much bandwidth to this drivel

  • zosim

    It’s getting silly. This bloke pops up, basically admits running away from the police, makes outrageous allegations he can’t back up because he’s given someone exclusivity and everyone froths at the mouth.


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