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  • Crompensation

    That must have cost abit

  • Dave

    Excellent news all round. Good to see a team and rider commit to each other properly in an age where it’s acceptable for them to screw each other at the first opportunity.

    • Crompensation

      They screwed Mathews

      • Common Wombat

        How so ?? He clearly received a top $$$ offer from Giant; OGE also had other major re-signing priorities (ie Yates twins) which would’ve eaten substantially into the “kitty” from which they could offer Matthews. They certainly haven’t starved him of WT race outings since the announcements which is what many teams do to riders who are leaving.

        The Gerrans issue ?? He may, or may not, have had a legitimate beef re last year’s Worlds but that is National team not trade team. Outside of TDU, most of Gerrans outings have been in a support role (Tour/Vuelta). The only time there was a potential clash was AGR where Matthews himself chose to change his tactical approach after burning out his sprint trying to match Gilbert on the Cauberg. He missed the vital move and no team-mate was going to be able to bridge it for him.

        No sign that the parting is acrimonious, who knows what his situation will be in 2 years time.

  • binotto

    Really happy that Esteban is going to stay with OBE. And how refreshing to read a press release where some of the rider quotes actually sound like they could have come from rider :)


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February 18, 2017
February 17, 2017
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