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  • Jamie

    It’s as if I’m not allowed to feel good about the sport I enjoy. There’s always something or someone getting in the way of that. Be it the UCI’s incompetence, crooked politics, cheating racers, etc. What a waste.

    • ebbe

      Yeah. And to top that off: The three elements you’re mentioning seem to always be intimately intertwined. Some small cheats get busted now and then, keeping up appearances of competence at UCI and (W)ADA. But the big (name) cheats remain protected by means of and as a result of crooked politics from incompetent (or unwilling!?) UCI/federations, anti-doping and race organisers.

      I’ve noticed the big cheating never goes away, it just moves around the world. Traditional cycling nations such as Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands have all had their scandals. Then, it was the Germans who would bring a new era through “science”. We now all know what “science” actually meant. Then it was the Dutch who you could bank on. Turns out, that bank demanded dividends “no matter what it takes” (literal quote from the sponsor’s CEO). Then it was the “fresh blood” of the Americans that would make us forget about the dirty past. We now all know that fresh blood actually came in blood bags. Then it was the great Brits who would “motor” the sport into a new era… Well, the UCI explicitly dismissing all methods* of detecting motor fraud, was enough to deeply question their commitment to actually catch any “big cheats”, wasn’t it?

      * Except their own invention of course, despite that invention being laughed at by the very people that had sold motorised bikes and wheels for years

      Today, I mostly wonder what the next “new hope” nation will be. Must be a relatively large market with relatively well off consumers. Scandinavia keeping it cool? Australia arriving on top and above? Germany getting a (second) change to cook something up? Can Canada kick up some cans? Or *DO* the Middle East *HA*ve their chance to execute the “new hope” plan next?

  • cthenn

    Sport’s a joke. That is all.

    • Dave

      Cookson is just McQuaid with a beard.

  • zosim

    Just so we are clear. The bloke offering to help the police find mechanical dopers is the same bloke who ran away to avoid talking to the police? Hmm. Almost like he isn’t 100% honest…

    • Luke Bartlett

      hopefully he just want publicity for his motors *fingerscrossed*

  • Alan59

    I am 57 , where can I get one ?

  • MadBlack

    One seriously has to question why this story surfaces now 3 months after the tour. If he was that outraged about it he should have come out then and there. You have to question the motives behind this move. PR exercise???

    • Tim David

      Clearly. And let’s face it , there’s ready audience for this kind of stuff (both for the gear and the outrage related to its use), and journos who’s job it is to feed us. We get what we deserve.

    • ebbe

      He did come out even earlier. Much earlier even. French TV did a two piece story on it. UCI then threatened the journalists not to pursue this any further or name any riders. Hence the caution now< which we can only hope has translated into (more) meticulous investigation and preparation of the publication.

      This "new" story of this week basically adds nothing to what we've already known for months (UCI frustrating the investigation was also explicitly mentioned before), except for the fact/claim that another "new" story is coming. That coming new story might add new information, but I'm not holding my breath.


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