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  • SNS

    I agree with Kathryn Bertine….it’s not progress. They could have made it a multiple day event but one short (67k?!?!) stage isn’t an improvement IMO. I also read elsewhere that they don’t do the entire climb, only the first 10k, so it’s not a summit finish. And then there’s the whole mess this caused with Thuringen Rundfahrt….

    Frankly it seems to me that the WWT is screwing up women’s cycling rather than improving it.

    • RacingCondor

      67km is pretty pathetic and by not finishing on the summit the women’s lost one of the big benefits of piggybacking on the Tour, ready made crowds to display the sport to.

      Now we’ll have a bunch that smashes it full pelt for 50km (expect crashes and no-one escaping) followed by a filtering down to the eventual winner.

      It’s not long enough for tactics so will probably result in a boring race, way to showcase your product ASO! In the worst case it’s a step backwards rather than sideways…

      • Dave

        Agree completely, give them the full distance.

        The same goes for the World Championships, the boring women’s crit this year was blown out of the water by the men’s road race which was all the better for actually going out on the open road. Future editions should be increased to a minimum of 200km to guarantee a true road world champion.

  • donncha

    What’s wrong with La Route de France?

    A week long Women’s race around France already exists, so why not focus efforts on building this up rather than demanding extra overhead on the Men’s race?

  • jmcd

    Seems like more of a side step. Why not hold both events?

  • Dave

    The welfare model sucks, be entrepreneurs and build your own event.

    • Ronin Reimagined

      But perhaps this is more like the old fashioned “marriage model”. The wife wants something and expects her husband to give it to her. If he doesn’t, she finds ways to make his life miserable until she gets it. Endless nagging and whining follow, until the man relents and gives her what she wants, or else takes the risk of leaving her and getting ripped in a divorce settlement. Here, instead of articulating their unhappiness by accusing their spouse of “insensitivity” and “emotional neglect”, the wives articulate their unhappiness with facile pronouncements about “social justice” and “gender equality”.

      Men’s road racing should immediately file for separation before it’s too late and try to effect a complete divorce as soon as possible.

  • Jillita

    This seems to have come as a surprise for everyone. Is there no advisory board for the women’s event that would have worked with ASO on the changes? Are Vos, Pooley, and Bertine or others not consulted? (I know it’s a stretch….still wondering!)

    • Dave

      Perhaps what happened is that they looked at the requests from some of the female riders, did the numbers on a few different options and settled on this one.

      If Vos etc want more, they should work on one of two things:
      1. Using their status to promote La Course so additional sponsors can be secured to make it profitable, otherwise ASO will continue to seek ways to minimise the losses (such as having different start locations to keep logistics costs down)
      2. Tell ASO to flip off and build their own event.

      • Jillita

        AMR: If you’re able to find out how this race decision happened and if women’s teams, management, and/or racers were involved in the decision then that would help the fans understand if ASO was legit in trying to make things more interesting/better for the women, or if it’s a colossal mistake done in a black box. Reading Katherine’s response, I’d take this as the latter. Personally, I will definitely miss them racing in Paris, but wishing the change was for the better! Grazie! :)

        • Anne-Marije Rook

          Given Bertine’s response, it seems like the women who made La Course happen (Bertine, Vos, Wellington, Pooley) were not consulted. Will look for confirmation.


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