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July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
  • Sir Wiggo

    Brilliant. Thanks for sharing this Wade.

    It’s the simple things that give us the greatest pleasures.

    With warmer weather finally arriving, and school holidays, this can’t help but inspire for the weekend.

    • I’m quite certain that the the day I take my little guy out on a bike camping trip, it’ll go like this:

      – We get lost in the woods
      – We spend 9 hours under a tree in pouring rain
      – I only bring beer and forget to bring the food
      – Forget to bring the nappies
      – We’ll have to be rescued and my wife will never talk to me again.

      Back to dreaming :-)

      • Sir Wiggo


      • campirecord

        I have 4 boys and thats exactly how it goes down. This video is amazing but probably required as many hours of pain of editing.

        • jules

          dad lets himself get too lost in the moment and encourages his son to attempt the 5m jump..

  • Dude pedalling

    Hey CT I have always wanted to ask you – how is your spend on baby wipes going these days? A few of us use one of your early tips in giving the frame and chain a wipe down after each ride with baby wipes. But once kids come along the pack of baby wipes doesn’t last long and becomes a critical part of the shopping basket..

  • Cam

    Can’t wait to do this, my little boy got a balance bike for his 1st birthday but his feet don’t touch the ground yet. Bike was one of his first words!

    • Dude pedalling

      Don’t put him on training wheels after the balance bike – put him straight onto a bicycle. he’ll be off!

  • Just had our first camping trip in the Grampians with Mssrs 2 and 4. Mr 4 constantly surprising with his ability. We scrambled to the top of Buandik Falls – in full flow – and (almost) the whole Chimney Pots loop – an impending deluge (17mm in 2 hours in the end) cutting that short.

  • Nathan Hosking

    I’ve just become a father in the last 2 months – this almost made me tear up at my work desk!

    I did manage to still compete in the World GF Champs in Perth 6 weeks after Aiden was born… I think your old ‘fatherhood & cycling’ article could use an update now that we have smart trainers, Zwift etc… They are certainly helping me remain competitive!

    • Congrats, and well done Nathan!

      Indeed…that trainer is looking more and more appealing every time I look at my waistline. Before I know it, my son will be off the kickbike and tearing my legs off if I don’t keep on top of it!

  • winkybiker

    Way to make our half-ass parenting look totally inadequate. Thanks for nothing, Wade ;).

    (Cool video, actually)

  • Cameron Harris

    My garage is slowly filling with the bikes that I would have loved to have when I was their age. Between the 24″ Specialized MTB, the 18″ FitBike BMX and the SE Racing 24″ Cruiser, I think I just need a 20″ Redline to complete the set. I hope the kids like riding too one day!

    • MattHurst

      I am there with an 8 year old and a 11 year old, it’s getting crazy. N+1.

  • Tim Niedorfer

    Anyone know what carrier the guy is using at 1:23? Looks like a neat way to transport a kid on a bike

  • Wookie

    Aw hell, my heart just broke…

  • MattHurst


  • Derek B.

    Great video. Makes me think I could have been out there already with my son on some overnighters. The best of both worlds – fatherhood and cycling – what more could you ask for!


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July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017