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Photo gallery: A look back at the cycling events of the 2016 Paralympic Games

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil :: September 2016

  • Ashok Captain

    A M A Z I N G athletes, all! Chapeau. CT – A W E S O M E report. Thank you! And Casey Gibson – W O W images. Am not apologising for the superlatives.
    : D

  • YouCouldntMakeItUp

    Great pictures as always Casey, but the subject doesn’t get much more inspiring.

  • Steffen


  • Andy B

    The Paralympics is complex with so many classifications
    Some great performances :)

  • Kieran Degan

    Incredible stuff. I watched a lot of the cycling with my wife, an Occupational Therapist. She was particularly interested in the equipment and how it would have to be modified for athletes with disabilities. Especially track bikes with aero issues. I’d love to see an interview/story about how it all comes together.

  • Your Night Mare

    Interesting pictures. But what about Bahman Golbarnezhad who dies in the Paralympics. No mention of the only Cyclist who gave his life in the games. Let us remember the athlete whom gave his life to the games. May he rest in peace.

  • noob_sauce

    I am amazed by this feature and at how little coverage it also got from regular cycling media. Very inspiring.


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