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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
  • Andy Logan

    I have backed Gavaria, was in the mix in the final at MSR, won Paris Tours in a very convincing style and for me, has timed his peak to form perfectly.

    Cav has done very well this year, but I wonder with his sickness, TdF and Rio in the legs, he won’t be as fresh. Germans, I think you might have a situation like the Australians did last year like Gerro vs Matthews.

  • Tim David

    Great summary Matt, the Worlds always gets me interested (even this year, despite wanting to ignore it for the well documented reasons).

    Your piece deserves more comments than the conspiracy + clickbait stuff about medicines and motors, but there you go. I’m as guilty as anyone!

    Greipel 1st Groenwegen 2nd

    • Thanks Tim. Really appreciate the kind words. Thanks for stopping by. :)

      Enjoy the race on Sunday. Cavendish for me, but I’d love to see Sagan or Matthews get up.

  • slartiblartfast

    Why didn’t Ewan do the under 23 race? He is only an outside chance against the big boys.

    • Dave

      I would hope that his inclusion in the squad (but apparently not racing) was just as a Plan Z, in case they couldn’t get anything to work going off the front.

      If Australia did commit solely to Ewan like it’s a flat tour stage, that would only have served to give Cav and Greipel an armchair ride like the hilarious Greenedge leadout train working for Goss in the early years.

      It appears they are now working for Mathews. They will need to make the race pretty tough for that to work, as he probably won’t beat Greipel in a sprint at the end.

      • Worth noting are selector Brad McGee’s comments on Ewan and Matthews.

        On Ewan: “Caleb could have been here racing the U23 race, but he’s committed to the elite men’s team. He’s here to show himself, express himself and build himself up for future years. The course suits his abilities, and I think he can gain a lot on Sunday.”

        On Matthews: “Bling is our main man. He’s a proven runner in these type of championship events, and he’s in good nick. On paper, this course may not suit him as well as it does a few others in the peloton, but I would never, ever write off Michael Matthews. He’s a big race rider, and everyone is on board to support him on Sunday.”

        Source: http://www.cycling.org.au/News/All-News/bradley-mcgee-previews-mens-team-selection-for-2016-uci-road-world-championships

    • Scott

      Can’t do under 23 race once you go pro bro

      • Dave

        You can, as of this year’s world championships.

  • Rob

    I’ll dream big and pick Sagan to go back-to-back. Can’t wait to stare at the desert for 2 hrs before the finale :)

  • Wilsi

    Boonen can also win a sprint if the race is long, hard and hot. And it will be.

    • Hyun-ji Song

      Long, hard and hot; aye?

  • bigdo

    I’ll take the late-arriving, defending champ in Sagan.. I think he can make it happen twice.. and will..

    • Cherokee Pride

      You’re a total faqqot. F your abuela up the A.

  • jh

    excellent article. Doha weather looks to be at 96-97 degrees in the baren wastelands north of the rediculous Porto Arabia roundabouts. I’m waivering from 1. Cav 2. Griepel 3. Gaviria to 1. Sagan 2. Gaviria 3. Bling. However the roundabouts and final turn appear after the flamme rouge, so perhaps GVA, Terpstra, Demare? Can’t wait!

  • J Evans

    Never thought I’d watch the WC on highlights rather than live.
    Without the wind, it’s very likely to be a nothing race until the last few km.
    Cavendish, I reckon – good in wind. Gaviria my second choice.
    Can’t see why Demare would lead out Bouhanni.


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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017