• Reality Check

    Carbon hardtail for 1800$ US. Niceeeee. But please, don’t ruin it on the sand. :P

  • DonMB

    From what I see on the Specialized web site, the $1800 one appears to be alloy, and also the only one available in XL. The carbon ones described in the article only come in sizes M and L. For me, this one is off the list as I’d need an XL (if it would be big enough).

    • They come in XL. You’re okay there.

      • DonMB

        Then it must be they’re out of them and only have M and L sizes left because that’s all you can find.

  • Antonio Boškovi?

    slacker than before but still stupidly steep

  • Wilson

    That fork crown stopper looks like a bad idea to me

  • Andy B

    how are those new fast traks

  • Michal Toman

    “aerospace and military-grade Japanese carbon fibre that was supposedly just made available to the civilian market”

    Sure, sure… I feel like this is always the case, whenever they have some new frame…

    Lots of marketing BS as usual.


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