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  • Reality Check

    Carbon hardtail for 1800$ US. Niceeeee. But please, don’t ruin it on the sand. :P

  • DonMB

    From what I see on the Specialized web site, the $1800 one appears to be alloy, and also the only one available in XL. The carbon ones described in the article only come in sizes M and L. For me, this one is off the list as I’d need an XL (if it would be big enough).

    • They come in XL. You’re okay there.

      • DonMB

        Then it must be they’re out of them and only have M and L sizes left because that’s all you can find.

  • Antonio Boškovi?

    slacker than before but still stupidly steep

    • Marko

      Too steep? That indicates that you are a poor bike handler.. 69.8 is actually on the extreme of being too slack, because you can’t corner so fast as you can with 71 degree last stumpjumper>> you can’t push you body mass on the front wheel/tire to have more grip in corners, because front tire is to far away from your body center mass.. Even with non world cup epic fsr which have 70.5 degree angle it is hard to have the same speed/grip in corner like on world cup epic fsr with 71 degree! I have stumpjumper 2014 which have 71.5 degree and it corners perfect but suffer a little bit on steep technical downhill sections. I think 70.7- 70.8 is sweet spot.. That are my observations.. And of course all depends on the terrain/course you ride. The art is to find a balance.. Today XC courses are indeed technically with steep downhill sections but you still need to corner fast and carry momentum from corners and not to lose time on tight corners with too long wheelbase bike…

      • Antonio Boškovi?

        I still believe it’s to steep, we can see what bike is winning wc, 68,5 degree on Scott spark rc 29er
        Unno bikes have xc ht with 67 degree coming, also longer front center gives better weight distribution so handling can remain precise and agile with all the benefits when going downhill and technical, as for steep and technical climbs your body naturally will move towards the tip of the saddle so front wheel will not wonder well we can see that on Kulhavys bike if specialized made longer front center to suit taller rider and at the same time give them low enough stack height it could help them to get even better results.
        I personally ride stumpjumper fsr evo from 2014, pretty happy with my own technical ability since I can keep up on technical parts of the trails with top end xc guys with my heavy bike and 26″ wheels. Long travel suspension and slack angles do help.

  • Wilson

    That fork crown stopper looks like a bad idea to me

    • Randy Butternubs

      Why do you say that?
      It’s basically the same idea used on motorcycles

  • Andy B

    how are those new fast traks

    • Marko

      Andy, i have bought new Fast Trak 2Bliss Ready 29×2.3 GRIPTON. It is the insane tire!! What a GRIP! What a supple ride! What a smooth TIRE! totaly blown away.. Even in wet grip is insane, you cant belive it until you ride it.. It cames in 660g which is a little bit heavy but i think tire have super high protection and durability.. On Specialized side it is no sign of s works models.. yet?

      • Andy B

        sounds awesome, I have the last model fast traks, found them to be good on firm trails and small gravel or tarmac but not much grip in looser stuff, would take the extra weight for a bit more confidence and grip in the corners.. they sound good :)

  • Michal Toman

    “aerospace and military-grade Japanese carbon fibre that was supposedly just made available to the civilian market”

    Sure, sure… I feel like this is always the case, whenever they have some new frame…

    Lots of marketing BS as usual.

  • Nikolay Staykov


    Is the pro model with carbon wheels and if so, what is their name? There is no official spec for the pro model, while the expert model comes with aluminum ones.


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