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  • Sir Wiggo

    “It just didn’t well with me at the time. I thought ‘I’m not in any pain, why would I need them?'”

    He was more interested at the time in getting a carton of beroccas to cure his massive hangover.

    Credit to Shane. He’s quite good at flogging a dead horse. I admire your resilience and endurance.

    • Superpilot

      Armstrong was a dead horse after his 7 victories though, innit? Shane is a reporter, and this is news.

      • Sir Wiggo

        Obviously it’s news.

        Just check out the comments section form this week’s CT articles.

        Best 2 pieces – hands down – is Phelan’s diary and the Cam Meyer interview.

        Check out the number (or lack thereof) of comments on those pieces compared with those made on anything doping related.

        There’s still some flogging to be done.

        • A rider making comments on Team Sky and Wiggins, like it or not, is of great interest right now. Sorry if you’d rather be done with it.

          • Sir Wiggo

            An unrepentant remorseless doper making comments on Team Sky and Wiggins ….

            Fixed it for you.

            I’ll spell it out to you:

            – Yes, I know it’s news. I’ve said that.

            – I don’t think we need to hear from the likes of JTL. He’s added nothing new to what Michael Barry has said previously. Until he owns up to his transgressions JTL should crawl back under the rock he come from. We might as well get Ricco’s insight into the matter.

            • Paper Back Rider

              An unrepentant remorseless doper making comments on Team Sky and Wiggins …. It’s looking pretty likely that Sky & Wiggo are just as unrepentant & remorseless…. No needles huh? Why lie? Where’s there’s smoke, there’s dope.

              • Sir Wiggo


                • Paper Back Rider

                  Touché, but the world looks more & more like 1984 everyday.

                  • Sir Wiggo

                    Can’t argue with that!

        • Comments don’t reflect much except for how polarising a topic is. The Meyer or Phelan pieces are superb and what we’d all rather be writing about, however we don’t expect any comments on them other than a couple ‘great job!’ remarks. There’s no side to take a stance on, there’s nothing to hotly debate. We don’t write news pieces on doping because of any reason besides that it’s news that cycling fans should hear about. But we try to track down as many good news stories as we can. Unfortunately those are harder to track down…

          • Sir Wiggo

            Of interest Wade … and without giving away any trade secrets, but do pieces like Cam’s and Adam’s get as many hits as the doping specific pieces? Just curious. :)

            • Generally not, but we’re not nearly as worried about page views as you might think.

        • J Evans

          The PED Wiggins took is only supposed to be used in the case of severe attacks – i.e. ones that usually require hospitalisation – it is not used for prevention.

          The TUE rules say that the drug shouldn’t have a PE effect beyond the treatment of the illness (not the case with this drug at this dose), and should not be granted if there are alternative drugs he could use (there are many that should have been tried before resorting to that).

          All three TUE’s were granted only by Marco Zorzoli (google him to see how independent and fair he is).

          All three were taken only immediately before grand tours. He hasn’t used it before or since his GT attempts at Sky.

          The 2011 TUE was granted before he had the medical examination, so how did the UCI’s doctor (Zorzoli) know that the treatment was justified?

          For the 2012 TUE, Wiggins had his medical examination on May 15 2012, then won the Dauphine, then had a TUE based on that May 15 medical examination, which said that his breathing was so bad that he needed a PED, which he then took in late June 2012. Why the 6-week delay in treatment (have you ever done that?)?

          Can Wiggins explain how he can win a 7-day race up mountains by over a minute against the best riders in the world whilst having severe breathing difficulties?

          • Sir Wiggo

            Hey, it’s cut n paste jay.

            No offensive Evans … you’re off topic. We’re talking about JTL the unrepentant doper and Tramadol – a legal drug you don’t even need a TUE.

            Happy to send you 40 cents so you can ring someone who cares for your repetitive posts.

            Otherwise go to WordPress and set yourself up a blog and go your hardest.

            • J Evans

              You were the one that said ‘flogging a dead horse’, so you brought it up.

              Bitter about your boy being found out? Refusing to believe what’s right there in front of your face?

              • Sir Wiggo

                Found out .. sorry, I didn’t realise. My apologies.

                I must admit the cycling press have been a little quiet about Wiggo being found guilty and receiving a ban.

                I also wasn’t aware you were judge, jury and executioner.

  • J Evans

    It’s clear that Sky’s policy – as Brailsford said – is to do anything that is legal (or that they can get away with).
    That’s not my definition of ‘clean’ – which is how they’ve always tried to portray themselves.

    • Sir Wiggo


      • Neuron1

        Just because you try to belittle J Evans’ comments, it doesn’t make them less true or accurate. I have always been a big Wiggins fan but am dismayed by these revelations. However when something, like Team Sky is too good to be true, it probably is.


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