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  • cthenn

    Ah to hell with it. Let’s just go full “Mr. Olympia” with regards to pro cycling. It’s about as believable as bodybuilding, and at least those guys admit what they are doing. There are so many loopholes, and undetectable drugs out there, not to mention blood doping…I’d say the majority of us know what’s up. So stop the charade, just make it open to all, if these guys want to start keeling over on the side of the road so be it. But I’m tired of the farce. Not that I’m blaming Cyclingtips or any other cycling news organization, but it seems like more than half the stuff I read and hear are drugs/doping related. It’s groundhog day every day, and yet nothing changes, and nothing ever will.

    • cthenn

      BTW, that’s a really cool photo.

  • Derek Maher

    In my opinion WADA has become more of a political and business organization and a hindrance to world sport.. We had the Olympic Russian fiasco with athletes banned without proof of individual transgressions this ban them all campaign led by WADA. Next we have the TUE releases with sportspeople allowed to take known performance enhancing drugs WADA was outraged not by the drugs but the bad publicity. Now the UCI are being told to take a hike by this group over the use of a potential harmful drug I guess its becoming a case of power corrupts.

    • Dave

      The Olympic fiasco was partially the fault of the IOC but mostly down to some of the sporting federations like the UCI.

      The IAAF managed to make their ban stick by assembling a strong dossier on the doping program. Other sports correctly applied the current regulations that treat athletes who have done their time as being officially clean.

      And then there was the UCI, which stuffed up and may yet end up facing a genuine lawsuit over their illegally banning certain Russian cyclists from the Olympics.

  • Neil

    Here we go again…. How long till the first mention of Sky, Wiggins or Froome?

    • pedr09

      13 minutes ago…

  • Dave

    The crooked UCI is just using WADA as the latest in a long line of convenient excuses for their own inaction on doping.

    It’s never going to get a full ban if only one sport is asking. The UCI will get further if they get serious about requesting WADA make tramadol one of the drugs banned in only certain sports, joining alcohol (banned in three varieties of motorsport and also archery) and beta-blockers (banned in eight mostly skill-based sports).

  • Superpilot

    Can someone clarify for me, all the time in impact sports you hear the teams and players talking of getting needles for pain in order to play on. I have reports of professional players getting ‘cortisone’ injections immediately before every game for almost an entire season.

    Is this the same thing as ‘cortisol’ that LA and other have required TUE’s for? Do therefore these impact sportsmen and women require TUE’s before each game?

    This relates to the article thusly – if it is in fact the same substance- if it is illegal in cycling without a TUE, but legal within other sports without a TUE, then the precedent of having differing rules with regards the same substances is already in place, is it not?

    Given that WADA covers all sports at all levels.

    • Dave

      When you hear about a ‘cortisone injection’ they are talking about an injection directly into a joint to relieve inflammation. This sort of local usage does not require a TUE in cycling (I bet there are many cyclists using them) or any other sport, because glucocorticoids are only banned when used via oral, intravenous, intramuscular or rectal routes – you can look up the WADA Prohibited List yourself to verify this at https://wada-main-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/resources/files/wada-2016-prohibited-list-en.pdf

      Cortisol and cortisone are both glucocorticoids that are naturally produced by the human body, but there are other synthetic glucocorticoid drugs such as prednisone which are far more potent. If you look through all the TUEs on fancybear.net you will see a reasonable number for prednisone across a variety of sports.

      The glucocorticoid most infamously used by Armstrong, Millar, Wiggins and others is a very potent one called triamcinolone acetonide, and is not one you would expect to be used for treating joint inflammation. Wiggins was having intramuscular injections to allow for slow release over the course of a three week grand tour, so he required TUEs.

      When you hear about the MPCC’s internal rule requiring cyclists to sit out a medical suspension when they have low cortisol levels, this is because extended use of more potent glucocorticoids results in the body’s ability to naturally produce cortisol being temporarily reduced.

      There is a precedent for some drugs being banned in some sports only but it’s nothing to do with glucocorticoids – go to the same link for the WADA Prohibited List that I included above, and scroll through to page eight to see them. This is what the UCI should be aiming at for tramadol, not for an outright ban across all sports.


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