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  • Andy B

    they aren’t as bad as the clickbait made me expect

    • Sean

      I know, I feel violated after coming (clicking through too) here.

      • David Everett

        I’ll really try to make a clickbait piece for my next article. How about : You won’t believe how dusty pro bikes can get after a 150 km kermesse in the desert? ;)

        • Do it!

        • Andy B

          You’ve got me already! I need to know!
          please don’t make me have to click through 20 separate pages to get to the dusty pictures

          • I know, right? Any time I open a site where galleries are split into multiple pages: I’m out of there.

        • Kieran Degan

          What about “You wouldn’t believe what Mario Cippolini looks like now!”

        • Sean

          I’ll give you until Sunday evening to produce this.

  • MzUnGu

    More like the mechanic is instructed to save weight than to add more bar-tape.

  • Lex

    on 55T chainring mechanicks is a mess) – secure pin use to be under crank arm, but they turn chinring on some angle ))

    • Derek

      It’s installed correctly. SRAM puts the catch pin on two sides of the ring so you can use it on either SRAM’s hidden bolt cranks or a more typical 5 bolt crank.

  • bigringjim

    No excuse for dirty bar tape. No matter how poor you are. Have some pride!

  • mrp33p3rs

    my god, people race on chorus, force, and ultegra? say it aint so!

    • Hyun-ji Song

      Force Etap mind you.

      • David Everett

        The levers and mechs are actually Red eTap, where the chainset is Force. We’re still waiting on a Force eTap groupset to be released, come on SRAM, hurry up.

        • Hyun-ji Song

          Well yeah…

    • David Everett

      Some of the Dimension Data team (including Cav) were on Ultegra (Di2 admittedly) at Flanders and Roubaix.

      • Connor Terry

        They could of been using a 32t cassette which requires a long cage. I don’t think Dura Ace has a long cage di2 rear mech so they use the ultegra.

    • Puma

      If I remember correctly, IAM run Ultegra on some bikes during Tour de Suisse becase IAM is(was) not sponsored by Shimano, they have to buy their groupset.

      • David Everett

        Many teams do, next year all three teams (Direct Energie, Cofidis and Astana) on FSA K-Force WE will be using purchased Dura-Ace until they fully move over to the FSA groupset part way through the season. I’ll be hanging around the team trucks to pick up a bargain once they do.

        • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

          In its heyday – Riis’s CSC team CHOSE not to have a groupset sponsor. Wheels was sponsored by ZIPP, Chainsets, bar and stem etc where sponsored by FSA – brakes, brifters, derallures, chains and cogs etc was not. First season they rode Cervello’s he bought them himself.

          That was in the days with Hmilton, Sastre, Basso and Cancellara with the BIG budget.

          1st year they rode SRAM, SRAM wasn’t a groupset sponsor either

    • Spider

      I too am confused….aren’t those groupsets for commuting on? (sic)

  • Marcus J

    Thanks. I enjoyed this article. Nice to hear about a segment of the sport that’s a bit closer to the ordinary mortals!

  • Gustavo Cinci

    Hi Dave, very well-done article. I’d like to politely suggest an expansion on this topic; while we’re aware that road pro riders on all 3 divisions are indeed gifted specimens, it’d be nice to get some inside info from mechanics on product deployment, preferences and durability. Say, Mechanic X from a Pro Tour team reporting on which riders destroys the most equipment, which rider is finicky, how much un-branded aftermarket parts play a role in personal choice, and how much room a rider has in selecting those parts. We know for example that Nibali rides a Fizik Antares saddle on a Specialized-sponsored team, or that Tim Wellens and Rui Costa wear fake-lycra booties to mimic the team’s shoe sponsors. Also, which rider gets picked to try prototypes and why, and what parts/bikes are the easiest and most liked by both mechanics and riders in general. It’s important to note the relevance of opinions of mechanics and riders, because those are the folks who handle the material on a daily basis. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

    • David Everett

      Thanks for the feedback Gustavo. Loads of great ideas there. I’ll sure to ask some of these questions and dig deeper into them when the season rolls around, or if I get invited to any team training camps this winter (fingers crossed). Some mechanics are pretty open with letting info like this out in the open where others take it to their death bed.

  • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

    Chorus vs Record vs SR: only marginal weight difference, no performance or ergonomic gain what-so-ever. Chrous wearparts will last a little longer and be significantly cheaper to replace.

    IMHO choosing Chorus is a no branier for racing since you may avoid to add 2-3 50g lead blocks inside the BB axle.

  • Ashok Captain

    Nice article!


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