Race to the Rock: The documentary

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The 2016 Race to the Rock was the inaugural edition of a 2,300 kilometre self-supported race from Adelaide to Uluru in the dusty heart of the Australian outback. The attrition rate was huge, the conditions unforgiving and the terrain remote. The race threw everything at riders, including rain, cold nights, hot winds, rocky terrain, swarms of bugs, sludgy clay and flooded roads with water as far as the eye could see. Then in the final stretch there was plenty of sand that was tough to ride and even tougher to stay upright on.

You may have been following our coverage, but even if this is the first time you’ve heard about Race to the Rock, our documentary on the race is essential viewing. The route alone is enough to instil fear, however add some flash-flooding and emergency hospital visits and this ‘taste of the real Australia’ takes on a completely different complexion.

We hope you enjoy the film above.

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