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  • Wil

    Awesome work chaps – love it

    One for the list next year, hopefully!

  • Chester Chihuahua

    I think there is some room for improvement regarding the editing of this video. It’s virtually impossible to tell what’s going on. One guy quits the race, presumably because of a hand injury, but the video does not provide any explanation regarding what’s going on. Some other guy — or maybe it’s the same guy — is repeatedly shown as “retired” and at the same time riding in 2nd place (?). If he’s retired from the race, why is he still riding ? Again, why can’t the video provide some explanation of what’s going on ?

  • Rob

    All the non-aussies are going to wonder what “crack the sh#ts” means haha

  • Sascha

    I liked it! This style of backpacking/racing is so refreshing…

  • misterhorsey

    Amazing effort! Great film and stunning scenery. Thanks CT!

  • Coogs

    Wow. She smashed it! Well worth watching.


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February 20, 2017
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