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  • marc

    ok, you now have my interest!!!!

  • Legstrong

    I’ve been racing for quite some time in the States but never experienced riding in my home town, Jakarta or even Indonesia in general. Sad. Those roads in the video aren’t typical ones used by people/tourists. I hope y’all enjoyed the trip. Looking forward for the full feature.

    • We did some riding in the touristy areas (see us in traffic towards the end of the video) but yeah, the best riding can be found outside the busy areas.

    • Bataviaan

      After living and cycling my whole life in the Netherlands, the traffic and road conditions were quite a shock when I moved to Jakarta a few years ago. But riding is possible, early mornings, especially in the weekend. Would be a shame not to try it, you’ll get used to it.

  • clarityoffline

    fantastic video… i wonder how many people checked into trips to Bali after watching it

  • jules

    that looks like a lot of fun. I wanted to do some riding while holidaying there recently but the wife decided I wasn’t going to risk it.


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December 12, 2017
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