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July 27, 2017
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Your Monday Daily News Digest

by Matt de Neef

October 3, 2016


In today’s edition of the CT Daily News Digest: Esteban Chaves wins Il Lombardia; Dylan Groenewegen wins the Tour de l’Eurometropole; Nacer Bouhanni victorious in the Tour de Vendee; Astana blasts Diego Rosa for ignoring Il Lombardia orders; Colin Lynch sets new paracycling World Hour Record; Amstel Gold Race for women?; Bike lanes a good investment in public health; Rob Power misses start of his Orica-BikeExchange WorldTour debut; Near-miss for Naesen in Tour de l’Eurometropole; One impressive bike throw.

Esteban Chaves wins Il Lombardia

by CyclingTips

Esteban Chaves has made history for his Orica-BikeExchange team, becoming the first non-European to win the season’s final Monument, Il Lombardia, on Saturday. In doing so, Chaves also becomes the first Colombian to win any of the sport’s five Monuments.

Chaves made his move at the bottom of the penultimate climb, his attack creating a leading group of four riders. He would later beat Diego Rosa (Astana) and Rigoberto Uran (Cannondale-Drapac) in the three-up sprint, as Romain Bardet (Ag2r-La Mondiale) finished fourth, six seconds down.

“It was a dream for me to win Il Lombardia,” Chaves said. “I can’t believe I’ve won this race. This is a monument.”

“When I turned professional, I settled down here in Bergamo. I knew the roads but I wasn’t sure if I could win today. In the final, I tried to make a difference on the cobbles but Rigoberto (Uran) followed so I had to stay calm and go for the sprint, which is not my forte but I gave everything and I’m so happy that I made it.”

Chaves’ Il Lombardia win means Orica-BikeExchange has now won four of the sport’s five Monuments. Just the Tour of Flanders remains.

1. co
CHAVES RUBIO Johan Esteban
2. it
ROSA Diego
Astana Pro Team
3. co
URAN Rigoberto
Cannondale-Drapac Pro Cycling Team
  • Burgrat

    That bike throw looks like a bit of ‘roid rage!

    • Judging by the bike being a fixie, it must have been at the Red Hook Crit in Milan this weekend.

      • BrosEmpire

        It was also a borrowed bike… His steel frame was being painted so a friend lent him his… I think this may just stretch the friendship a little.

    • jules

      that was my 1st thought! where are the testers when you need them?!

      • Dave

        Good question. It’s not like the race was on TUEsday.

    • velocite

      I can’t work out what broke. The head tube appears to still be on the frame, and the fork and steerer seem so have escaped with the stem and bars still attached.

      • currbeck

        He made an ig post later and claimed that the frame was already broken after a crash. That might explain why it broke so easily and in such a weird way

  • velocite

    I don’t know what is involved for SBS in adding a Keenan commentary to a bike race, but it would be worth it, IMHO. The contrast is extraordinary between the Keenan style and everyone else, including, was it Carlton Kirby and Dan Lloyd doing the Lombardia? Keenan takes his cue moment by moment off the vision, while Kirby et al seem to assume the task is to riff about the race and the riders somewhat independently of what we’re looking at. They might know the identity of all the riders in frame, but I don’t – I need continual reminders. And Kirby’s pronunciation gets up my nose. AsterNAR? I mean really..

    • donncha

      Having Keenan doing commentary at a minimum requires paying Matt, making a studio available for him to work in, plus paying however many behind the scenes staff are required to support him and ensure his audio is mixed properly with the overseas feed. All that is on top of whatever they’re already paying for the international feed, which includes commentary already. The ROI is worth it for Giro/Tour etc. but viewing figures probably don’t justify it for smaller races.

      Also to be considered, any single commentator talking to themselves is boring, so you’d need to have someone alongside Matt as well.

      • velocite

        As you say, money. Would the investment in better commentary result in more viewers? If my reaction is any guide it would, and maybe there’d be a possibility of selling the better commentary. But maybe I’m the only one with that reaction.

        • Dave

          Putting the cycling online only and having an obscure foreign language film on TV would be a better investment for SBS.

      • Dave

        You only had to watch the Vuelta (where Keeno went solo on the world feed) to realise that point about a solo play-by-play call in cycling. That’s true for most play-by-play callers, but especially so for a very dry guy like Keeno who desperately needed a colour commentator in the seat next to him for the Vuelta.

        • velocite

          I thought Keenan did a good job with the Vuelta, but it did seem to be demanding to have him do it on his own. Funny, I don’t see him as dry. ‘Matthew Hayman is going home – with a stone!’ How does SBS handle these assessments/decisions?

          • Dave

            He’s much better when he has a colour commentator alongside him, and also when he calls races exclusively for SBS (rather than a non-stop world feed call for ASO) where there are 3-4 ad breaks per hour.

            I would guess that SBS has a fixed budget to cover all races other than the Tour, and they have to choose where to put the resources. If that is indeed how it works, they would have a choice of showing more races with only the world feed, or fewer races with the studio crew and on-air presenters in Sydney, or a mix of the two.

            I would personally always lean towards more races. Hatch and Lloyd weren’t bad, certainly not as bad as if Eurosport became a host broadcaster and had Kirby and Kelly on the world feed.

        • bike-aholic

          Agree, Keeno needed Robbie during the Vuelta. I thought Dan Lloyd showed some good insight and the other eurosport commentators arent bad either. Anything is better than Phil & Paul.

    • Dave

      That was Rob Hatch on with Lloyd last night, he was far better than Kirby who only works for Eurosport.

      • bike-aholic

        Kirby was doing the on-ground announcing for the organisation based on his twitter feed.

        • Dave

          That would have been Anthony McCrossan (an atrocious TV caller, but a good race speaker) who is the English speaker at all the RCS races, not Kirby.


          Kirby was definitely on Eurosport last night.

          • bike-aholic

            Yep, agreed. Got the names arse-about.

    • Luke Bartlett

      plus constantly complaining about the feed they’re given anyway. just talk about what’s being shown, there’s no point passive-aggressively complaining.

  • donncha

    Not sure what Martinelli is whinging about. Rosa would have had a much better chance of a win if he hadn’t been domestique for the useless Aru for the first 200km of the race. That’s entirely Martinelli’s fault.

    • velocite

      Agree. And the whinge was very poor form. Terrible send off for Rosa.

    • Nick Clark

      Weirdest response I’ve seen from a team that just got a hard fought second in a Monument…

      • Josephineeblack3

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    • spicelab

      Also, how were we to know one of his late attacks wouldn’t stick?

      He himself admitted he wasn’t confident in his chances in a three-up sprint. If he had ridden away while Uran and Chavez hesitated he’d be being praised as tactically astute.

  • MadBlack

    I’d be interested to hear Rob’s side of the story. How does one miss the start of your first WT race???


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