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December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
December 11, 2017
  • Connect IQ also has a lot of promise. Firmware 5.10 released today allows access to ANT+ Power devices, so I expect to see a lot of interesting apps in that space in the coming weeks/months. Lots more to say about the actual user experience of the 820… but I’ll leave it there.

  • SJ

    Anyone else having problem with the altitude when riding? Mine regularly shows me 25 metres below sea level!
    Also, the total ascents on routine rides seem a lot less than the previous garmins or even iphone strava.

    • Are you sure you’re not riding in a tunnel under a fjord? ;) https://cyclingtips.com/2016/10/adam-phelans-video-diary-and-the-rain-did-fall/

      • SJ

        Unfortunately no, but its Sydney’s Northern Beaches, so potentially I could have fallen down a 25 metre deep pothole.

        • RayG

          Are you setting the altitude correctly when you start your ride? I have an altitude point saved outside my front door, so my 510 resets altitude automatically everyday. Has a high pressure system moved in since the start of your ride?

          • SJ

            Thanks, I will give that a go.

        • Kim

          maybe your Garmin is predicting the future

          • SJ

            I specifically asked for the Climate Denier model.

      • Martin P. Hoff

        Good luck with GPS-reception there! ;-)

  • HamishM

    A recent firmware upgrade added automatic start for LiveTrack on the Edge 820 and the 1000, so it’s not really a part of the pre-ride routine any more – just start pedalling. I think the group track is a bit of a gimmick but LiveTrack (with its limitations) is a bit of piece of mind for the loved ones.

    • Nice update, cheers. Do you find yourself using LiveTrack much?

      • HamishM

        I’ve only had the 1000 for a couple of months but I’ve started use the LiveTrack when I had off on a half day solo epic or similar. It gives the phone battery a bit of a hammering though. I have a SPOT tracker for the real epics, which has a different set of issues.

      • HamishM

        The downside is that the loved ones can see when you stopped for a coffee rather than coming straight home :-)

        • Marisol

          Hahaha good one!

  • Cameron Harris

    I am in research phase for a new computer at the moment (currently using a Wahoo RFLKT+ and Android phone). Is there scope to add some competitor analysis to the article, such as the Wahoo ELEMNT?

    My reading of reviews of the 810 was that it was pretty crashy. Is that resolved with the 820?

    Is the touch performance poor because we’re comparing a resistive screen with a capacitive smartphone?

    • I haven’t used the Wahoo ELEMNT but I’m sure someone else here will have. I can say that in the several months of testing the 820 that I didn’t have the unit crash on me. Which sounds like an improvement!

      • James Huang

        I’ve got a review pending!

    • bumpyknuckles

      I have been using the ELEMNT for about 6 months. It is great.
      Not once had an issue, and after having quite a few Garmin units over the years stop working, or generally be pretty crappy it’s a breath of fresh air.
      I use it with power meters, indoor trainers, HRM’s etc and never had a sensor issue even once, and it pairs automatically and immediatly.
      Highly recommended.

      • Cameron Harris

        Thanks @bumpyknuckles:disqus. A follow up: My main driver for change is to protect battery life on my phone. Do I lose any functionality if I don’t have the ELEMNT paired to my phone, or is a phone connection required?

        What sort of battery life are you seeing in the real world with an ELEMNT?

        @mattdeneef:disqus: I should be asking these questions on VeloClub, shouldn’t I.

        • bumpyknuckles

          You only need to be paired with the phone to recive text messages, calls, emails etc. to the unit.
          Also live track will need the bluetooth connection too.
          The unit has so many features, customizable as well, that I really aren’t using it to anywhere close to it’s full potential I am sure.
          Real life battery is ok, not amazing. I’d say 10 – 12 hours. Which is less than they claim.

          • bumpyknuckles

            What I’ll add re: ELEMNT, is that everything that annoy(s)ed you about the Garmins, the elemnt won’t.
            No real need to buy one if you already have a garmin unit, but if you are in the market, then go wahoo.

          • gfurry

            I wish I got anywhere close to 10-12 hours with mine, it dies after about 4 hours or if it is sitting a sleep or even powered off after a couple days.

  • Rob

    I’ll stick with my 810.

  • funkright

    I like my 820, barely scratching its surface of usability given that I am somewhat of a novice still. But, I do wish they had a better app for the iphone/android that allowed configuration from that, along the lines of Wahoo’s ELEMNT. That would make this a killer device, IMO but YMMV (just like my weekly rides) :)

  • winkybiker

    I’m so glad I have no desire for any sort of cycling computer. It all just seems too complicated. And you kids get off my lawn.

  • RayG

    Touch screens, why? My 510 has a nice set of fine scratches on it’s surface because there’s always some dirt on it when you swipe it to change data screens. And try wiping rain off it when you want to read it and it changes to a different data screen, or it thinks you’re trying to do something else to it so the folder and tools icons pop up.

    But my main beef with Garmin is the illegibility due to low screen contrast. I can boost the back light, but that just chews up battery.

  • Callum Dwyer

    $650 and touch screen that doesn’t work properly? Sounds awesome.

    • aradilon

      They’ve improved the touchscreen functionality alot in the latest update, works great now!

  • Robert

    I can’t think why you would buy the Edge 820 when the Edge 1000 with its larger and easier to read screen is available through online Garmin retailer with AU maps for less than the 820. Unless you really want a small unit the 1000 is a superior unit, cheaper because it is not “the latest” I imagine. Having owned a couple of Garmin’s I would have to say it always lay to buy a unit that has been around for a while as they always tend to have bugs when first released.

    • aradilon

      Battery Life and size! My brother has an edge 1000 and the battery of my edge 820 last alot longer!

      • Robert

        I think with any of the Garmin’s it’s all to do with setup. Turn off all the functions you don’t use etc. With my 1000 I get a good 12 hours out of it, but I don’t use bluetooth, but do use wifi download. If navigating if you have the map to a smaller scale there is less screen redraw, so the battery lasts longer.

  • Andy Logan

    I know this is the 820 page, but geez garmin’s firmware upgrade process absolutely sucks, e.g. I upgraded to Version 9.0 on my Edge 520 this morning, it upgraded, got stuck, had to turn it off, turn it on, do it again, seriously what a nightmare.

  • Mike Breeze

    I’ve just purchased a Lezyne Super GPS. At A$188, with live Strava segments, 22 hour battery life, automatic Strava upload, text messages and emails to phone displayed on unit, live route directions on screen etc I think its a compelling alternative to the comparitively expensive Garmins. All I’m sacrificing is colour and a touch screen. (And DC Rainmaker thinks they look ugly!)

    I’d love it if you could do a review of the Lezyne or even a comparison between the Lezyne range and the Garmins.

  • Andrew

    I have an old but still working 510 and have considered an update. One thing stopping me……. Garmin customer service

  • aradilon

    “Touchscreen can be a little frustrating to use, particularly in the wet and with gloves”
    They’ve added a new setting with the last update where u can change the sensitivity of the touchscreen, and as it is very cold and wet here in Belgium this time of year I can say it helped alot!
    And i’m very happy with my 820, I used to have a Garmin Edge 520 and a Touring (the 520 for routes I knew and Grand-Fondo’s and the Touring for exploring new routes), now my Edge 820 does both!

  • DaveoAU

    In a few years time when everyone has grouptrack it could make Wednesday night worlds fun.

  • jgrosser

    Bought the 820 because I wanted an upgrade from the 800 and did not want something as large as the 1000. The 820 is far superior to the 800 in pairing sensors. The 800 frequently got “confused” if multiple sensors were in range. Also, the 820 picks up the GPS much faster than the 800. I finally got the bluetooth alerts to work after I realized that there are 2 separate bluetooth connection profiles and you need to make sure that both are connected to your phone. But, the touchscreen is terrible: slow and unresponsive, even when set at maximum sensitivity. Also, I had terrible problems with navigation. If the device lost the GPS signal, it would get “confused” and show me incorrect information about my location and next turn. Interestingly, it would show the correct navigation on the cue sheet screen, but the wrong information on the navigation screen. I fixed this by changing various settings to eliminate things like rerouting. Another problem: I was using incident detection, which gave false positive alerts while riding on a bumpy road, which I could not cancel due to the lousy touch screen. So now I never use incident detection. Also, I agree that group track is more trouble than it’s worth. Bottom line – an improvement over the 800, but a pathetic touch screen.

  • I’ve had an 820 for a few months. It’s dreadful and I’m sending it back (will try an ELEMNT or maybe even go back to the 810). I’ve done ~3000km with the 820, including a couple of 300km+ rides trying to follow courses. There are dozens of issues with it, big and small. Garmin completely replaced mine (see URLs below). If you’re considering buying one I *highly* recommend you have a read through the comments section at https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2016/07/garmin-edge-820.html and https://forums.garmin.com/forumdisplay.php?591-Edge-820

  • Eric Hancock

    Totally agree with the criticism of the touch screen. I just upgraded from a 510 and I’m genuinely surprised by the lack of responsiveness and accuracy of the touch screen on the 820.

    One other nit pick is that the ability to change the backlight settings has been buried rather deep in a set of menus; the power key used to toggle this feature. I change the backlight settings frequently when going between daylight and indoor riding.

    One nice feature that I’m enjoying is the FE-C support. I can program workouts into the garmin and have it control a Tacx Neo (though I believe FE-C was added to the 510 and 810, as well).

  • Haydn

    The touch screen is shite. Rode today with it for the first time with the sun out and it would not respond at all in direct sun, just completely non responsive. I have set it to high sensitivity because even normally it’s slow as. The only way I could get it to work at all was shelter it from the sun and let it cool down. I really do think I’m going to return it and go back to my 500 and it’s less frustrating issues (still a POS).

December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
December 11, 2017