UPDATE: Help bring to life Thereabouts 3: Discovering Colombia

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UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who has backed this project and we’re thrilled to report that we’re 69% of the way there. With a week left to go and just a bit more help from those who want to see this film come to life, it looks like we’re on track to make our goal. If you haven’t already, we invite you to come along on the journey and support this campaign. Here’s a sneak peek of some quick footage we put together from the filming:

Most of you will be familiar with the previous Thereabouts film features, and we’re pleased to be partnering with the Morton brothers again to create Thereabouts 3: Discovering Colombia. In this film, Lachlan and Gus Morton are visiting Colombia to discover the cycling culture, riding, landscapes, and what exactly makes this unlikely country such a unique breeding ground for some of the best cyclists in the world.

However, please know, this is a new frontier for all of us. The previous Thereabouts films were done off the backs of favours from industry professionals volunteering their valuable time. Countless hours of effort were invested and this isn’t a repeatable and sustainable model to keep these inspiring films going. Production staff, editors, camera people, etc need to be paid. This is why were asking for your generosity and support to help bring to life the third Thereabouts adventure through this Kickstarter campaign.

To back this project please check out the details of the Thereabouts Kickstarter campaign here.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with kickstarter campaigns, read this to understand how it works.

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