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  • jules

    with cornering, I prefer to turn in from the outside of the wheel I’m following. riding directly the same line increases your risk of rear-ending them if they slow suddenly. coming up the inside (not overtaking, just taking an inside line) can be OK, but if they slow and tighten their line, you may have nowhere to go. on the outside, you can drift outwards if they do, or they slow. it also allows you to turn in later, which is what you want when you’re following a wheel.

  • Andy B

    I enjoy a good ol crit

    • jules

      nothing will sharpen up your handling and bunch skills as much

  • DaveRides

    The real golden rule missing:

    Don’t get caught short.
    Crits are hectic and there’s no time to take a mid-race break if you find yourself too short to secure the win. Always be prepared and use the necessary facilities before the race – thankfully crits are usually held in towns so it shouldn’t be hard to find an ATM.


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