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  • laura weislo

    Let’s just use ‘labia’ instead of lips here so folks don’t think it was as innocent as the translation makes it sound.

  • kamoteQ

    Doping, now this? Grow up men. :(

  • jules

    this is just appalling. if it were someone close to me who was a victim, I’d be enraged. it’s not enough to have a reactive inquiry. the UCI must place a positive obligation on teams to put in place measures to ensure it doesn’t happen in the first place. team management should not just be able to say “woah, who knew?” that’s not good enough. they should have policies and procedures in place before incidents have the chance to happen.

  • Sara Z

    It saddens me, but I’m not surprised. Cycling, even women’s cycling is still run by men, still governed by men, where even the best in women’s sports are still second class. Fear of retribution, of being labeled as ‘sensitive ‘ or a ‘diva’ because they complained. Would it be accepted if the male riders get touched by male soigneurs? There would be a fist fight I imagine.

  • Bones

    When asked,”Why do you rob banks?” John Dillinger replied,”that’s where they keep the money.” Same situation for sexual predators, they position themselves so they can attain their prey. It’s just a tough situation for the young female athletes because to some extent they have to put themselves in a vulnerable situation.

  • ridein

    Using the same gender support staff would greatly reduce or eliminate most sexual tensions.

    • Stefan Eckardt

      Was thinking the same thing myself….


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November 22, 2017
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