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  • I rode on Christmas Day once, around 11am, my dad went out for a ride separately. We both came back saying we’d never ride on Christmas Day again as drivers were so intent on getting to where they wanted to go that we both suffered numerous near misses on our 90ish minute rides. I imagine first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon would have been better once everyone was off the road and eating, or recovering from stuffing themselves with too much food.

    • Pete

      Xmas day is a great day to ride, especially if you don’t start too early (I like my sleep). I’m hoping to venture off Beach road this year and heading Mt Pleasant way. Any cafe’s open in Melbourne?

  • anguskingston

    I realise this is in humour but there are 364 other days of the year to ride. If you want to get away, go and volunteer at a soup kitchen or fake a stomach ache or something else. My club has a Xmas Day ride and I feel it shows what’s wrong with Cycling Australia and club cycling. It’s driven by people who, with all the best intents, don’t have young kids and other family commitments and think starting events at 11am or riding on Xmas Day is easy.

    • Lewis

      Or maybe they do that to give people who, as you said, don’t have family or family gatherings, a place to join together on Christmas! Sure would beat getting up early, riding, then having the rest of the day alone…

  • Anthony Jackson

    Im planning on a nice fresh 2 hours at the start of the day. I dont have kids, but my wife is kind enough to not make a big deal about it. This article is daft….. Lets face it, we ride because we feel better about ourselves and if our family can accommodate it and there is no bad feelings then all the better. 11am seems a bit strong Jon! I am hoping to be out just as the sun rises (UK) at 7.30, If I am for this I’ll be back for 10-11am. I cant see the issue.

  • Bones

    I ride every Christmas, it’s called my “Christmas Ride”, it’s really the only day I can do it, so who would deny me that?

  • JCJordan

    Wouuld love to ride today but managed to brick the Di2 on my new bike. Darn laptop went into sleep mode during a software update. Thankfully there are a few shops open tomorrow


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