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  • AMK3072

    Well done on a great career. Always sad to see someone’s body stop them from continuing on.

    The win last January at the Nationals will go down as one for the ages.

  • George Darroch

    What a legend.

  • Rob

    One of my favourite riders, will be sad to not see you off the front mate. I’ll be sure to pop into the shop next time I’m in Perth. All the best Jack Bobby!

  • Andy B

    That Ride at Nationals last year.. epic :)

  • AMK3072

    What a sad state of affairs when this article gets four comments in a day and one about a busted doper gets 60+.

  • Lach

    I love the idea that he (and others?) have setup a cycle based gym in Perth. He seems excited to get down there and really make it work. Well done, brilliant cycling career, and hopefully a brilliant entrepreneurial career as well! Goodluck.

  • OverIt

    Sad to see him go, but there’s certainly no point risking making a very debilitating condition even worse as he ages. All the best for future endeavors!!


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