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  • jackseph

    I enjoyed it. So there.

    • Jordan Hukee

      Agreed. I hardly think that vulnerability and reflection in an opinion piece are the sole domain of the poor or socially downtrodden. It’s called the human condition. We all worry, we all search for answers – these questions enter every mind regardless of race or creed and if it causes others to have feelings of anger or sarcasm or resentment, I agree with Bobolini that it says much more about the reader than the author.

  • Bobolini

    The irony with journalism is it’s irrelevant if nobody reads the work, which opens the author up to crass comments that projects more about the commentator than the work. One of the smartest things VeloNews did was shutting off the comments section. Neal, I hope the baby is healthy and you keep writing about all-things-cycling.

  • Sam

    Being relatively new to this father gig as well, I enjoyed reading this and hope things r going well with the baby.

  • Ross Williams

    I enjoyed the story very much. It isn’t a new story, but its one I need to hear from time to time. Reminds me to ride whether I feel prepared or not.

  • Brandon Bishop

    Nice work Neal. Great reflection on your year and how suffering (even the weird self inflicted suffering cyclists put themselves through) can create new worlds…clarity. Thanks.

  • cnm

    Excellent Neal.

    Regardless of our individual “position” in this world we all deal with challenges that take different forms and mean different things depending on who we are. We can choose to be inspired by those around us and personally, I feel fortunate that there are so many ways to be nudged toward being a better person both professionally, and personally, through what cycling offers. It is up to each of us to look deeper for what needs clarity and if cycling is the catalyst; what a great gift.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this and putting yourself out there — I am 100% sure your intention was to inspire other people to do their own reflection to find their own clarity …

    Happy New Year !!

  • Eric

    Thoughtful piece, that made me do some personal reflection in comparison. Appreciate the work, Neal, and well done. Happy New Year.

  • Ben

    I found it a great piece, and not too dissimilar from the mental meanderings and reflections I too have when it’s just me, the bike and the mountain….thanks Neal and I wish you and your wife all the best with the bub – the bike will always be there for you but kids are only little for so long…

  • Rob Arnold

    Very nice Neal.
    Congrats on all you’ve achieved: the job, the marriage, the baby… the epiphany.
    Keep on riding and enjoy that moment when your daughter jumps on the bike for the first time.
    There’s a lot behind you but much more ahead.
    On y va!

    • Neal Rogers

      Cheers Rob! Happy new year to you and yours — and enjoy the great month of racing ahead in Australia.

  • Coogs

    I was keen on finding out what Neal truly found. That is, what would he do differently now that he had found clarity? Eg spend more time with the family including his old man etc?

  • MD

    g’day Neal, thanks heaps for sharing. It takes balls to be as open and as honest as this, your a gentleman amongst men. We’re at similar stages in life, i’ve just had a little girl as well. Went through a tough time trying to figure out what my role was as things definately change with a pregnant wife and new child on the way. Someone recently recommended Steve Bidolph’s “Manhood”. As with cycling, this book has changed my life. Keep on trucking mate.

    • Neal Rogers

      Cheers MD. Will take your recommendation and check out the book. All the best to you and your ladies!

  • Valiant Abello

    i loved this piece
    thanks ever so much

  • cabman73

    That was beautiful.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    As long time cyclist, a yoga teacher and a father of a two year old, the only spiritual moments I’ve incurred have been on the saddle or on my mat(never during my 12 years of catholic school or the 18 years i was required to go to church).
    Hope you are enjoying that little one, they make riding seem not so important.

    Grateful to you for adding light into my family’s day


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