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  • Maeve

    You know he could do it ….for me he is the best after Froome on those sharp steep mid climbs and who knows what the race may turn up for froome

  • Laurens

    An Australian in BMC kit who everyone thought couldn’t win the Tour or he would have done so by now, sounds familiar? Here’s to hoping he gets there!

    • DaveRides

      Not keen on him leading races in 2017 too often if it means we have to see a line of the fugly Assos jerseys at the front ;-)

  • Patrick Murphy

    I think what we all want to see is for Porte to get a true run at the TDF. Last year his race was compromised, he then was able to race with no expectation which is a whole different ball game. I personally always thought he didn’t quite have it to make the top step but that changed this year for me. I like the way he races, he has everything in his armory to win and now that BMC have done away with joint leaders he has every chance. Good luck Richie.

  • jbrownjib

    I think it’s great for Porte to be in the lead roll, he deserves it. He and Quintana are the two strongest contenders versus Froome. He will need Cadel in his corner to beat Froome. Cadel, like Valverde, contested everything and that is what Porte needs to do to win the TdF. Froome took advantage of little opportunities last year to get the victory. How ever it shakes out, it will be fun to watch. Congrats Richie and good luck!


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