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  • AlexXSmith


  • winkybiker

    Great stuff.

  • OphelieLechat

    That’s awesome!

  • Jillita

    What a wonderful story! I love reading about how women discover cycling and how it helps them to heal. So glad your dad took you into that bike shop :) Congratulations on your accomplishments and the ones yet to come!

  • KJP

    Love it, you rule!

  • blimit


    • Yolandadmanno3

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  • bigdo

    beautiful story.. and a common one among the cycling community… these wondrous machines… they take us so many places, one pedal stroke after another.

  • Spider

    awesome, what a great post/article. Well done and I hope your story motivates someone out there to turn it all around.

  • FJ

    Girl, you rock! Cycling is still helping me discover who I really am, and who those around me really are too. Ten years after I bought my first road bike!

    As a convenient side effect, it’s also given me a six-pack :D

  • Sheyne Walsh

    Well done. I see you still like pretty bikes. That dad bloke seems cool though

  • ChinookPass

    Ambassador indeed! The bike changes us inside as much, if not more, than outside.

  • Anon N + 1

    A friend was telling me the other day that when he was younger, he had an epiphany brought by a bunch of old codgers on ten speeds who passed him as they powered up that long climb on Sir Francis Drake Blvd in Marin. (We’re both from the San Francisco Bay Area; although I’ve done that climb only a couple of times, I remember it well.) He realised that this cycling business may be tough but you can keep it up for a long time because it doesn’t tear you apart like running or require special facilities like golf or tennis and it gets you to great places. Then he said, you know what? We’re those old codgers now. So keep on spinning those cranks and those cocky youngsters will hope they can do as well when they reach three score and ten.

  • Durian Rider

    Keep it carbed!

    Great insights!

    When I met Freelee she was 73kg and had never ridden a bike up a hill in her life. Never even rode a bike as an adult.

    Now she is about 50kg and getting it done easily. Bicycle + carbs = guaranteed lean gainz! Not to mention sanity and adventure! :)

    Keep them pedals turn’n and that rice cooker burn’n!

  • Paul M

    Brilliant, inspiring story!

  • Pete23

    Love it! Great piece. Whenever I’m in a bit of a dip with riding cycling tips busts out an article like this. Cant wait to get on the bike this morning. Go Sheyleigh!

  • 2wheelsandme

    Love these stories keep em coming CT! Sheyleigh so glad the bike changed your life like it did. I was lucky enough to tag on back in the early 80’s and haven’t stopped since. As the years pile on it becomes your time machine… I get the same feeling riding at 48 that I did when I was 14…and thats science! my cells are still connected… the act of pedaling…your senses are all still physically in tune, only time has changed, but what is time in regards to that true feeling…I forever will be 14 on the Italian bike my parents worked so hard to afford me….

  • Eric Hancock

    Great story. And completing an Everlasting attempt is really impressive.


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