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  • Allez Rouleur

    Very cool story, good read! I wish the HIA guys the best. Now I know why I’ve seen exactly one Guru in the wild…the company is no longer. A little perplexed though about the $2500-$7500 being the “meat” of the market. I guess we’re talking full-on avid roadies? I love nice bikes, but the LOOK I own and built from the frameset is still south of $5000. Then again, my weekly riding buddy has some wildly expensive bikes and around 15 of them.

    Fizik has to be doing very well. From the pro peloton to amateur racers, the Arione is just everything. And the Antares. And the Gobi on cx bikes. Very cool they’re still in Italy. I have a few of their saddles.

    Oh, and very much appreciate handbuilt bikes, as I own a Casati, a LOOK, and a Tommasini.

    • James Huang

      Thanks! And that sounds like quite the fleet. Nicely done.

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    It’s nice to see the pendulum finally swinging back the other way a little after the wholesale charge to make damn-near-everything in cheap-labor countries. Nothing was said in this piece about the theft of intellectual property so rampant in Asia, but it’s hard not to think that was a consideration for companies who resisted the move as well as for some who moved and later had regrets.

    • James Huang

      Good point, Larry, and one I perhaps should have included as it’s definitely a problem, especially for companies without the financial muscle to own their own factories.

  • Simon Gamble

    Great story!

    • James Huang



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