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  • Stewie Griffin

    Leg pressing is pretty useless to translate to the bike. He should be doing squats, deadlifts, hamstring extensions & box jumps to add extra peak power on the bike. The level of strength training in pro’s and the level of knowledge of strength training at a pro cyclist level, is pretty poor.

  • Ramppion

    Regardless of his season dove-tailing with Saga, the Giro seems to me a good choice for him. I wonder will he be on domestique duties in the likes of Paris-Roubaix or Flanders for Sagan – that kind of stuff could be a very useful learning-curve for Bennett, and might give an idea of his broader abilities if they are there.


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November 23, 2017
November 22, 2017
November 21, 2017
November 20, 2017