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  • cthenn

    I know people like Knog, but $135 for 2 lights is crazy.

    • JS

      Those are the very same lights I trust to get me to and from work every day, whether on bright summer days or a long, dark winter, and they are absolutely fantastic in use, simplicity and most important visibility. $135 is nothing.

      • I agree. Lights, in my opinion are no place to compromise. I also really like the Lezyne Zecto Drive Pro lights but I think those are roughly half the lumens.

        • DaveRides

          The Knog Blinder Road is a great light, but when mine died after a long period of heavy use/abuse I didn’t replace it like-for-like because the position in front meant it would slip around the handlebar when going over bumps.

          I replaced it with a Lezyne Micro Drive 400XL instead, because that sits in place above or below the handlebar. The only thing I regret is not going for the 600XL instead, not so much for the higher output but more for the longer battery life at the lower output.

          I love the look of the Zecto Drive design, and I’d happily have one if I only needed it as a marker light rather than to see at night.

    • PsiSquared

      I’d pay at least twice that for a great light. It’s not cheap making a great light.

  • Love the aeropress. Perfect for coffee outside on the bike.

  • Cambiopista

    I’ve used an AeroPress for many years and love it. It has traveled all over the world with me. In fact, I was a distributor of them until Aerobie went dealer-direct and cut out distributors. An awesome product.

  • Ashok Captain

    Ummm . . . .”pour hot water (175 degrees if you want to get picky) “?! :D

    The undress and bottle dryer are pretty cool inventions (pun intended).

    Off topic, but – Happy cycling New Year, all!

    • DaveRides

      That’s not the worst of AMR’s sins. She’s written about miles and feet as well, and not in the proper contexts of Scotson (i.e. the rider with track and road world championships) and the things at the end of your legs ;-)

      • Ashok Captain

        : D
        Happy Christmas all (off topic again)!

      • Anne-Marije Rook

        I’m a Euro who has lived in the US a little too long! ;-)

        • DaveRides

          A US-based Euro who has had a great year writing excellent articles for an Aussie website!

          Have a great new year :D

  • Eric Hancock

    Loving that drying rack

  • Kamil

    What bar tape is that on the photo of the bell?


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