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  • Allez Rouleur

    I have just plain ol’ Oakley Radars and they’re hands down the best cycling sunnies I’ve ever had, and I have a serious problem with buying sunglasses. Looking forward to trying out the new ones when funds accrue. Tough to demote mine though, as I found them on the ground when walking my dogs, so the fact that they were free makes me like them even more. Gotta love living near a super $$$ uni where the undergrads casually lose expensive stuff. I’ve also found two different ipods on the ground! No joke.

    • James Huang

      The standard Radars are still outstanding. I’d still be wearing my old Radarlock XLs if Oakley had made Prizm lenses to fit.

      • Dave Rome

        Agreed. I still wear my standard Radars when I need a clear lens. Though when the sun is out, so are my EV’s.

      • Neil_Robinson

        i am sad panda that my radarlock XL lenses are slowly picking up scratches.

        radar ev pitchs will replace them.

      • AllanBarr

        James, do you know if any other Oakleys come close to the size and coverage of the Radarlock XLs? I’ve tried the Jawbreakers, but they’re not a patch on the XLs IMO.

      • Steve G

        Wait…. I can’t get Radarlock XL lenses any more?!

        • James Huang

          You can still get XL lenses. Oakley just doesn’t make them with the new Prizm tints.

    • donncha

      EVZeros FTW.
      Same great lens and no pesky frame to obscure your view when you’re down in the drops. The classic returns.

      • Allez Rouleur

        Good to know! I have no doubt the new ones/additions are great…but just wanted to say that the Radars are pretty darn awesome.

        Anyone using photochromic lenses? I have some Rudy Project Noyz with photo lenses and like them a lot, but the nose piece just isn’t as good as Oakleys. They’re fine in fall/winter riding, but in hot summer heat…they move around too much. My Radars fit well and stick like glue.

        • James Huang

          I’ve used a number of photochromic lenses in the past (including from Rudy Project), but have always found that I only prefer them around dawn or dusk when the lighting conditions change dramatically in terms of intensity, but relatively slowly. None of the ones I’ve tried (excluding the new electrophotochromic stuff) adjust transmission quickly enough to be useful going in and out of the shade, for example, or in and out of tunnels.

          The Oakley Prizm Road lenses really are pretty incredible. I’ve been very happy using them in all daylight conditions, from intense mid-day, mid-summer Colorado sun all the way to overcast winter skies.

          • Allez Rouleur

            Very useful information, James! Thanks. I’ll definitely go for some Prizm lenses next sunnies purchase.

  • Pete

    I love the Mirrycle Incredibell Road Bell, which you can ring without moving your hands from the hoods. Unfortunately, it no longer fits on recent Shimano shifters.


    • bruce

      With my spurcycle mounted as shown in the install video at 1:13 https://vimeo.com/87828538 it can be used from the drops or the hoods and is very stealthy too.

  • pauldr

    PB Swiss Allen keys are the best on the market. I’ve had mine for over 10 years and the steel still looks new.

    • david

      Could anyone with experience of both offer some thoughts on how the PB Swiss Allen Keys compare to the Silca ones? (Silca HX-ONE)

      • pauldr

        No idea about the quality of the Silca, but given that they manufacture pumps, not hand tools tools, I assume that they buy them in from someone like PB Swiss and then package them specially. Their packaging is definitely better than the PB Swiss, but you can buy individual PB Swiss keys if you lose one.

        • david

          Good point on the availability of replacements, I’m not sure about buying them in though, Silca have been reinventing themselves as more than just a pump manufacturer, and part of that is making tools, I’m pretty sure they make them in house.

          The main reason for my question is I remember reading somewhere that Silca manufacture to tighter tolerances specifically to avoid the “looser fit” David identified with the PB Swiss – I’d be interested to hear about how this effects practical use – especially given David reports that the looser fit is almost a benefit.

          • pauldr

            I find it pretty hard to believe that someone can come along and start making 1st class Allen keys all of a sudden, the set up costs would not make it viable. Not sure about the fit that David talks about, I’ve never noticed that. PB say that they manufacture to the highest tolerances, but don’t know if it is at the high, end, low end or in the middle, I just know they work really well. Have a look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTRu-_GzotE

      • I have a pair of PB Swiss allen keys that are 15+ years old and intensively used. They still look brand new without any real sings of wear. You can get a pair of these rainbow colored PB Swiss allen keys for about E35,- and the PB Swiss Tools 470.M Adapter costs about E5,-. That is a completely different price range than SILCA.

        And as others have mentioned … hand-tools is PB Swiss core business. :)

      • Dave Rome

        I don’t own a set of Silca HX-One, and have only used them briefly. I’d happily own a set and the packaging/presentation is nicer than PB Swiss if that matters to you. I’ve been considering getting a set lately, as I’ve wondered the same thing myself.

        That said, I have spoken to Josh at Silca about his hex keys before and he admitted to having used PB Swiss as the benchmark when creating his. Hearing him talk about the various stages of heat treatment and sourcing of steels, I’m fairly confident to say he was hands on with having these made to his high standards – even if the manufacturing of the keys is out-sourced to a premium tool maker in Taiwan.

        It’s worth noting that PB Swiss’ loose fit shouldn’t be mistaken for loose tolerances. I’m sure PB Swiss has used a slightly looser sizing on purpose to ensure an easier and deeper fit into fasteners. Their tolerances (batch to batch consistency) would be pretty exact in keeping with this selected sizing – to the point that every PB Swiss tool is serialised to its production batch.

        • david

          Great, thanks all for the responses. I had been agonising over this decision so this article/discussion is quite timely. FWIW I think I’ll go with the PB swiss…

  • Dbmurray

    The Lizard Skin tape is awesome…but it does wear down fairly quickly which is sad. Mine started going after 2000kms.

  • lauren o’keefe

    David!! http://www.honeystinger.com.au

    Did I just make you really happy? You can do mixed boxes as well “)

    • James Huang

      I don’t know about Dave, but you certainly just made my day. Now I don’t have to hand carry them for them from the US whenever we’re going to be in the same place somewhere. Woo hoo!

    • geoff.tewierik

      For those that just want standard Stroopwafels, Coles generally carry The Dutch Company Stroopwafels in their international section (not every store). Occasionally I find them in Woolies, like these in the pic, a pack of 4 for ~$2.25 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/253ddad808059b574840286ef1edbb8407c089f0ed796c0900b306c9acc4ce1d.jpg .

    • Dave Rome


      This just made me so happy! I can now stop treating mine as if they’re the last waffles on earth. When did this magical thing happen (Honey Stinger in Australia)?

      • lauren o’keefe

        Someone obviously thought it was worth the effort to go through the standards/customs testing to get them approved. I think I found the site in July/August when doing a half-hearted google search, thinking that they’d never turn up. Then lo and behold, there they were!! Shipping is Aust Post standard so not that speedy but also not astronomically expensive.

        Last box was a mixed one with a few different flavours in it but mostly the vanilla ones. I wish they’d let you do a mix box that includes the gluten-free ones but they don’t – yet.

        • Andrew Lowe

          They do now…

          • lauren o’keefe

            Whoo hoo!!

            Not that I’m gluten intolerant but some of the flavours sound delicious.

  • HamishM

    Goodness, could that Parktool pricing be right? RRP: US$60 / AU$135 / £50. That takes Australia tax to new extremes.

    • Callum Dwyer

      I thought they would be cheaper given they clearly grow on trees.

    • Dave Rome

      Sadly it’s right. While the Australian pricing on the Park Tool consumer-grade tools is fair, pricing on the “professional” level stuff is a little prohibitive.

    • JCJordan

      I got mine from a local shop for $95 and have seen them on Wiggle for less than that

  • RayG

    We were discussing Lizard Skins bar tape on Sunday as one of the riders in the bunch fiddled around with his for the upteenth time. His and my experiences are similar. Wrap it too tight and it falls apart. Wrap it too loose and it comes loose. The Goldilocks tightness range seems to be very narrow. We agreed to never buy it again. Bar tape shouldn’t need special instructions.

  • Tip: for maximum stealth, mount your spurcycle bell to the right of the stem pointing backwards.

    • Dave Rome

      As crazy as it sounds, i don’t run mine this way as my knee can touch it. I’m weird like that.

      • James Crum

        Hi Dave,
        Can you tell me about how you modified the Speedsleev to hold the Specialized road tube spool? I was just playing around with that myself and was curious.

        • Dave Rome

          Sure. My SoeedSleev had two layers to it, I cut out the whole first layer, that’s the slightly elastic part with the slots for tyre levers and Co2 cartridges.

          From there, you’re pretty much just left with the thick outer strap. I found this a little too long with the inner layer gone, so a cut some excess off and melted the edges to prevent fraying.

          It’s a little wasteful, but seems to work perfectly for how I’m using it.

          While I haven’t checked, it’s possible SpeedSleev makes a more suitable version.

          • James Crum

            Thanks for the response Dave! That’s what I tried, but the Speedsleev ended up being too loose. I’m guessing maybe you were using the size small version?

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