Alexis Ryan and Barbara Guarischi (Canyon-SRAM) having a laugh on the start line of stage 4a, a 75 kilometer road race.

The hum of my bicycle is the only constant I need

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There is so much more to Alexis Ryan than her ability on the bike. We already knew the Canyon-SRAM rider writes well, but this latest video from Canyon shows that she’s quite the lyrical poet as well. Too good not to share, we’re sure it will resonate with many of you out there. Enjoy.

A palate is senseless without a taste of adventure.
Every morning I wake hungry for a thing that does not grow on trees, on vines, in the ground or a lab.
Satiation is reached when place takes precedence over time.
Clocks fail to tick but leaves keep turning.
Verde, amarillo, naranja, rojo.
You cannot harvest what you have not sown.
Each lick of the crank
prolongs openness, and freedom.
Comfort abandoned at the threshold of new frontiers.
Today, I will turn right
where I have always gone straight.
The right road
is the one you have not ventured down.
Tires kiss asphalt,
the connection severed by cobbles and gravel.
Sky and earth seep into me.
Life is this one continuous moment,
measured by the magnitude of exultation I feel
and the sensation of wind caressing my skin.
The hum of my bicycle
is the only constant I need.




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